Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Wanted to have some waffles after work but ended up working late and thus didn't manage to drop by cottage waffle. Since we are hanging around Holland Village, we have decided to drop by Cold Rock Ice Creamery as we often see quite a high flow of people.

Anyway, UOB One card entitles a 1-for-1 waffle from Mondays to Thursdays. So, at the price of $10 nett, you get 2 waffles, 4 scoops of ice-cream and an option of maple syrup or chocolate fudge.

This place does reminds me of U.d.d.e.r.s. since they also introduced the concept of boardgaming with a minimum purchase of $20 on weekdays and $35 on weekends (if I didn't recall wrongly) and a certain group size. But bottom line is that there is a minimum spending before you have access to boardgames.

This place is popular for after-dinner crowds and students, most probably from NUS and ACJC. Basically, Cold Rock is all about mixing and smashing ice-creams and mix-in (i.e. chocolates, candies, cakes, fruits or nuts) to produce flavourful creations on a frozen granite slab aka Cold Rock.

But the fun of "Cold Rocking" ice-cream is not available for waffles. Thus, we fail to enjoy the fun of it but I did catch a glimpse of it but the ice-cream seems to have melted quite a fair bit.

Fen's comments

I didn't quite like the entire combination. The waffle is soft without the crisp of burnt sugar or syrup so in a way, I would say it is pretty similar to the one I had from Ben and Jerry's. But Ben and Jerry's has good ice-cream and thus was the saving grace which in this case, Cold Rock's ice-cream fails to have.

We have ordered the Ferrero, Dark Chocolate Aussie Vanilla and Cookies & Cream, which according to the staff, are the recommended. The ice-cream is not rich and the flavours are not strong to my liking. I think U.d.d.e.r.s will be a better bet for me, cheaper and more satisfaction.

Yuan's comments

There is something unique about the ice cream here. It has this distinct smell which I suspect is from their choice of milk. Nonetheless it is still not bad but will not make you crave for more. I kind of disagree with Fen on the waffle. I think it is not bad, it has the batter smell similar to that at gelare. However it also has a strong taste of vegetable shortening but can be covered up when you pour maple syrup over. For $10, I doubt I will purchase this waffle. However using the UOB One card (buy one waffle get one free) it is worth a try.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
24A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village

Singapore 277683
Tel: 6763 1323

Operating Hours -
11am to 10:30pm (Mon-Thurs)
10:30am to 1am (Fri & Sat)
10:30am to 12mn (Sun)


Foodies Queen said...

I feel like having waffles now. Haha

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