Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ti - Rum - Misu from tcc

This is one of the best Tiramisu which i have tried. I guess the main reason is because of the high alcohol content of this cake. Thus it is not so sweet and has the slightly bitter taste of rum.

S$6.90 (excluding of 7% GST and 10% Service charge)


Fen's comments

When something is good, I guess I don't have to say much. If you happen to be there, try it. It's really good. The amount of savoiardi aka lady finger cookie and the mascarpone cream is of the right proportion. The savoiardi layers intercept the multiple layers of mascarpone cream giving it a good blend and thus you don't get a chunkful of mascarpone cream.

However, I realize nowadays I prefer chocolate mousse than tiramisu. If this blog was created 1 year ago, I can easily give you the top 4 preference immediately. Now, my memory is failing me... hai...

From vague impression, Hilton's was so-so, BakerZin was one of the best, Shangri-la (the Line) was yummy, Obolo's tasted like kueh lapis and.... Argghhh... can't remember, maybe when I drop by again, I will take picture and blog it, meanwhile... stick to these comments or rather drop me some recommendations :D

P.S. I just recalled, how can I forget the gigantic tiramisu from Modesto. That was a Valentime treat from my dearie for this year... Will post the picture when I am home. Me and the gigantic tiramisu. It's nice (but with a thicker amount of mascarpone, lesser cake) but just too much for 2 foodies that were overloaded with pizzas...

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