Friday, August 8, 2008

Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe

After my first visit to Secret Recipe, I am skeptical with my 2nd visit. You may say I am bias or picky but frankly speaking, my sugar threshold is not very high. The cakes from Secret Recipe is pretty sweet and rich and thus a slice is just too much for my tummy.

However, I have to be impressed after today's visit. Why? 3 things...
  1. They are able to customize birthday messages on the spot, no chocolate tags, right on the cake.
  2. They have tall cakes with at least 3 to 4 layers of cakes, often you get only 2 layers or so.
  3. For S$45.00, you get a decent looking cake.
Next thing before I forget, for Singapore's 43rd birthday, they have a promotion. There you go...
We bought a whole carrot slice which was originally priced at S$46 but with the discount, it costs only S$15. However, mathematically this doesn't sound correct. The former is the price obtained from the Singapore's Secret Recipe webbie while the latter is what we paid today, or rather yesterday since is has past midnight.

Well, in short, the carrot slice is aka...
"Filled with grated carrots, walnuts and golden raisins, topped with cheese."
I thought it was not bad but definitely not something I will crave for. I prefer rich, velvety smooth mousse. Though this is not sweet but it is just good enough for a few bites, to finish the entire slice, it is just too much...

The cake we ordered is Chocolate Indulgence.

"Creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling. Absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich chocolate lover's dream."

Looks like a chocolate fudge cake but don't be deceived.

4 layers of chocolate sponge, 3 layers of cream and a thin layer of chocolate fudge surrounding the entire cake. When served cold, it can fake off as a chocolate mousse or ice-cream but having ate so many chocolate fudge cakes, cream cakes just don't taste as good.

I guess I got to seek for pardon from all Secret Recipe fans. It is not bad but I guessed my top 3 still remains.

Secret recipe (AnchorPoint)
370, Alexandra Road, #01-12
Singapore 159953
Tel: 6479 6626


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