Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hug the mug...

Italian Chocolatte (S$6.90 exlcusive of 7% GST & 10% service) comes in 3 flavours, dark, milk and white...

"Served in a Hug Mug, the chocolatte is a cappuccino of chocolate - milky and frothy. According to them, Max Brenner Chocolate pride their chocolat as it is made of 100% chocolate from cocoa beans of different originas that give it a unique aroma. The drink is served in the Hug Mug - a specially designed mug for the chocolate drinking ceremony. The mug is shaped specially for hugging in both hands so that it creates the ultimate drinking experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance"

Fen: It is always a joy to see your loved one enjoying sweet treats and knowing that Yuan is a fan of chocolate, chocolate dessert is always my google search and I don't deny the fact that I found this place via online forums and blogs.

This drink is just the right texture for hot chocolate. The milky and frothy texture makes Yuan enjoying every gulp. I generally prefer chocolate that melts in the mouth, not M&M of course but Royce Nama has always been my choice. This drink though has a good blend of milk and chocolate but I do find it a little too sweet. Like what Yuan felt, I would give the dark one a shot. Hopefully, the sweetness will be just right.


Yuan's Comments

Personally among these 3 items that we tried this evening. My preference are as follows : Italian Chocolatte, chocolate souffle and crepe.

I have always been a fan of chocolate drinks and always have the perception that Starbucks have the best hot choco until this evening. This drink taste almost like a melted chocolate bar. If you doubt me, take a big gulp of this drink and you will know what i meant. I tried the milk chocolate flavour which was a little milky for my liking but i look forward to try the dark chocolate flavour of this drink.


Max Brenner
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Singapore 039802
Tel: 6235 9556
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs - 11:00am to 11:00pm
Fri-Sat - 11:00am to 12:00 (Midnight)


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