Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No. 1 - Mille Crepes from Classic Cakes

The long awaited highly recommended Classic Cakes...

Do not mixed up with Sunset way and Clementi Arcade, make sure you continue walking straight down and not turn left upon seeing nothing in front. Most made this mistake while looking for the bakery. If you are lost, just ask around where is Clementi Arcade.

This is Clementi Arcade...

Walking closer...
The cakes available for the day... It is a pity the apple mille crepe was sold out and apparently it will only be replenished the next day. Really depends greatly on how much Mr Charles Quek bakes each day.

Apart from appearing on
thesundaytimes, April 6, 2008, this bakery was mentioned in several articles.

Presenting you the Original Mille Crêpes...
The description from the webbie,
"Our mille crêpes are works of art. Thin crêpes handmade in our kitchen are delicately layered with pastry cream, flecked with real vanilla pods and splashed with Kirsch liqueur. A caramelized sugar topping provides the final flourish."

To refresh the description for the number 1 cake,
"Sink your teeth into the 20 layers of thin crepes, with luscious vanilla cream flavoured with kirsch sandwiched in between. The top layer is sprinkled with sugar and caramelised right before serving, giving it a light crunchiness."

Also praised under the Straits Times, Urban (Posh Nosh) "It remains unbeatable - a stack of 20 crepes placed on top of one another, with a vanilla pastry cream holding them together and a caramelised topping"

Comes in 4 flavours and each slice of mille crepes costs $6.60 (for original + chocolate chip) / $7.70 (for durian) / $7.20 (for apple). Also in 4 flavours, chocolate chip, durian, apple and original and mind you, it takes quite some time due to the caramelising of sugar just before serving and thus be patient during your purchase.


Fen's comments

I tried the Original Mille Crêpes and frankly speaking I didn't quite like it. No doubt it is very unique with a good texture but when it is milli-ly layered with cream and crepes, I thought it is just too rich... It is something that I will only take a mouthful but will not attempt to finish the entire piece... Anyway, I had a second round for breakfast and I was admiring the 20 layers of crepes, I can feel the pain of doing it so neat and nice... but I still have difficulty finishing it as it is just too much (or rather overloaded)... Anyway, my colleague and her family loves it but my youngest sister finds it weird, she didn't say it is awful but just a confused expression, guess she knows that it is a piece of art but not to her liking. For those who are considering this as a birthday cake and are not sure about the person's taste, this cake might be a little too adventurous since I considered it to be an acquired taste.


Yuan's comments

Original Mille Crepe: I think this crepe/cake is overly rated. I would say that it feels like eatting lasagna except that the bolognese is replaced by cream. So you could imagine layers of crepe with lots of vanilla cream in between. Just like Fen, i think its just too rich and i struggled to finish it.


Classic Cakes
41, Sunset Way
Clementi Arcade
Singapore 597071
Tel: 6762 8019
Free delivery for orders above $60 (no longer $50, as what the lady at the counter claims)

Opening Hours: Mon Closed, Tues 1pm to 9pm, Wed to Sat 11am to 9pm, Sun 2pm to 7pm


Sandra Chen said...

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LeeXiang Kong said...

how big per 1 whole crepe cake??
how much with delivery??

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