Friday, August 15, 2008

Dan Ryans welcomes the bunnies

Each slice of carrot cake costs $9.50++ and is one gigantic cake. Be sure to share it with a friend. Personally i am not a fan of carrot cake but i tried it as it was an award winning cake. Generally i think it tasted like walnut cake and has coconut taste on the edge. I would think their muffin tasted better.

To me, carrot cake was nice at the first few bites, chunkiness of walnut and has a texture of a brownie (This is the first carrot cake I have tried so I am not sure is the cake suppose to have a similar texture to butter cake). And why do I say it taste like brownie, its texture is relatively similar to the carrot brownie from Secret Recipe. The only thing is that it is less oily and less sweet...

Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill, Singapore
91 Tanglin Road,
#B1-01 Tanglin Place,
Singapore 247918
Tel: 6738 2800

Direction: Next to Regent Hotel or Corner of Tomlinson Rd & Tanglin Road


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