Monday, August 11, 2008

Pandan Kaya Fudge Loaf from Prima Deli

You can say I am a rather persistent person in any aspect and here I am on my 4th attempt on a Pandan Kaya Cake. For those who dunno what was going on, we have already tried the similar equivalence from Hans cafe, Bengawan Solo and Q Bread. This time round I got it from Prima Deli, at S$4.60, good enough to cut 3-4 slices depending on how greedy you are.

This baby has the thinnest amount of pandan kaya and the moment I lift up the plastic lid for photo-shoot, the pandan smell starts to diffuse out from the cake. Reminds me of Bengawan solo. In comparison to Bengawan solo and Q Bread, the pandan kaya is very soft, which makes it good. By now, I can hardly remember the taste from Hans cafe but I think the coconut taste or rather the kaya taste is stronger than Hans. In terms of chiffon, you will be surprised that Q Bread is softer.

Anyway, bottom line is, since this is a pandan kaya cake, the overall combination is just right. The pandan kaya is soft and has a tint of coconut taste with a slightly denser chiffon base.

P.S. At least I am not disappointed at all...


Yuan's Comments

Among the 4 pandan kaya which i tried so far, i think this one is the best. When i took this cake out from the plastic bag, it already has this strong pandan fragrance. The kaya bit on the top is soft and the texture is a little like custard. (Compared to those hard jelly sort) The pandan sponge is about the same for all 4 pandan kaya but i guess the difference lay in the kaya bit. The point is the kaya bit cannot be too thick or jelly like.

Prima Deli (West, Choa Chu Kang)
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
#B1-13 Lot 1
Tel: 6760 7231


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