Friday, August 1, 2008

No. 7. Banana Chocolate Cake from Aroma, Intercontinental Singapore

My colleague brought along 2 slices of her birthday cake and it happens to be one of the featured cakes in the 50 best cakes article. It is the banana chocolate cake, ranked No. 7.

According to her, the café accepts reduced sugar request so that it is suitable for diabetic patients to consume so the cake is generally not sweet but strong in its banana taste.

Unlike the chocolate banana cake from Choc.a.bloc and Awfully chocolate, this cake is made up of chocolate mousse (milky and soft, taste like chocolate ice-cream), banana puree with chucks of banana and banana cake (pretty dense texture like a banana muffin).

I would say the texture remains smooth with strong banana fragrance, despite it being kept in the fridge for 2 days. Mind you, I am currently on my flu medication and thus my tasting is not very accurate. The fact that I can taste a distinct banana taste from this cake means that it is very rich in its bananas (The bananas are probably very ripe unlike the ones used in Choc.a.bloc).

I would say if you are a banana lover, you will love this one but if you expect it to be chocolately, I guess there will be a slight disappointed. However, if you want a balance between banana and chocolate, The Line is good.

As quoted in the article...
"This sugar-free cake, made with the sugar substitute maltitol, will make you go bananas with slices of the fruit sandwiched between layers of banana sponge and chocolate cream"

Aroma, Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road.
Tel: 6825 1058
Open: 11am to 10pm daily


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