Friday, August 8, 2008

Hot or Cold at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

I simply loved the aroma of this place and I can't resist my cravings for chocolate even though I have eaten the chocolate indulgence and carrot slice from Secret Recipe and shared a flower blossom from Haagan Dazs. You guys may think I am skinny that I have so much calories to spare or simply a spoilt brat who just have no self-control.

I dunno why, but recently my sweet taste buds have not been cooperative, blame it on stress or I am just trying to find an excuse...

Anyway, back to the drinks.

First question when it comes to any beverage, what drink? That's easy if you are at Max Brenner, how can you give their chocolate a miss.

Second, hot or cold? Ahh... this is tricky... Don't you have the same problem when you go Starbucks or Coffee bean? Hot, Iced or Blended...

Yuan stick to his Italian Chocolatte (S$6.90 exlcusive of 7% GST & 10% service) and this time, he have chosen the dark. I took a sip and subsequently a gulp, I thought it was heavenly good but yuan is going to tell him what is the difference between the dark and milk...

For me, I finds it good but I prefer colder drinks... Chocolate under its heat is just too heaty... bad for throat...

and what is my choice of the cold drink... if you want to compare, you need a close equivalence and searching through the list of chocolate mocktails aka Choctails, I took the Iced dark Chocolate Granite ($8.90) in which pure chocolate truffle blended with ice. Ahh, frozen Chocolate Frappes are served in the Alice cup...

I really enjoyed this drink, was really high while sipping through the metallic straw... I loved the smoothness of this ice-blend, usually I end up with chunks of unflavoured ice whenever I attempt an ice-blend but this is a complete opposite, I sipped it clean till Yuan thought that this drink was iced. I would say, if you love the Dark Mocha Frappi from Starbucks. You are simply going to fall in love for this one... Why? Less ice, greater chocolate indulgence...


Yuan's Comments

Well as promised, we did return for the dark chocolate. What i liked about the dark chocolate drink over the milk one was that the milk taste was not so strong. But at the same time this becomes an even more heaty drink. Generally its hard to make a choice between the two, i think both are equally good.

Comparing the cold vs. hot. Personally i think that warm chocolate has a better texture. Cold chocolate drinks tend to have the "undisolvable" problem. Thus it will taste like chocolate particles floating in the drink. One thing that fen pointed out which is true is that one of the good thing about this cold chocolate drink is that it doesn't leave you with a pile of ice like most ice blend.


Max Brenner
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-06/08 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel: 6235 9556


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