Friday, April 3, 2009

A cheesy business @ Opus Deli

I was pretty surprised at the pricing of the New York Cheesecake. A decent portion of cake priced at only $2.70 and its taste was not compromised at all. Although this is not the richest cheesecake I have tried, I do like the soft, creamy and smooth texture. There is nothing special about the base since it is the softened version of a digestive biscuit and for those who prefers a cheesecake with little or no lemon, this is worth a try and does not have much lemon in it. But Yuan felt that it was a little sour and doesn't stand out from the other cheese cakes e.g. Marble Cheese Cake from Hilton.

New York Cheesecake

The other version of cheesecake they have at Opus Deli is the Chezcake m Blueberry and Chezcake m Strawberry which adopts a muffin structure. I didn’t try this but my sisters were fine with it. In fact, they find these more appealing to the New York Cheesecake. These are sold at $3.20 for 2 pieces.

Chezcake M Blueberry

Opus Deli
18 Raffles Quay #01-33
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Singapore 048582
Tel: 6223 1916

Operating hours – 8 am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays


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