Friday, April 10, 2009

The Patissier's double chocolate praline + Cocoa Napoleon

Hazelnut praline lovers alert, the following 2 cakes are worth a try.

Double chocolate pralines ($6.50+), which consists of rich pralines, sandwiched between layers of chocolate mousse with a crunchy chocolately crust, is one that has a combination of silky chocolate mousse, bitterness of dark chocolate and crunchiness of hazelnut praline. Simply like the first whiff of dark chooclate and the smoothness of this cake, definitely enough to suffice any cravings for chocoholics... Or maybe not, one might ask for more.

Double Chocolate Pralines

Pretty similar to the double chocolate pralines, the Cocoa Napoleon ($6.50+) has layers of mascarpone cheese with chocolate-flavoured mousse juxtaposed against a crunchy chocolately crust. I couldn't distinguish much difference between the two but Yuan felt that the incorporation of mascarpone cheese contaminates the taste of the chocolate mousse while the cocoa powder makes the mousse alittle drier than the double chocolate praline.

Cocoa Napoleon

I guessed it depends on what one goes for, chocolate purist will prefer the double chocolate praline while non-picky eaters will be fine with both.

The Patissier
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