Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea-infused macarons

Macarons, these crispy almond biscuits are getting popular in Singapore and through our macaron spree, we have come across a wide variations of flavours. What TWG uniquely has in their macarons is the ability to infuse it with their signature tea. We have tried macarons that are flavoured with tea and we would say it was pretty disastrous. That was our encounter with GOBI.

Evan's Earl Grey and Salted Caramel macarons

Since then, our impression of tea-infused macarons became really bad until we get to try Evan's Earl Grey macarons. Did I mention that I ate at least 4-5 pieces in a go despite after a 9-course food tasting session. Yeh, it was good.

Tea-infused macarons

Given that the taste of tea-infused macarons can go either way, I would say such tea-infused macarons are pretty rare in comparison to chocolate, fruity and floral flavours. One of the place to go for tea-infused macarons is none other TWG. Their macarons are sold in packs of 6 ($12) and are also available at TWG Tea retail counter at basement 2 of Takashimaya.

Before going into details the individual flavours, we have to admit these are one of the best macarons we have eaten. All TWG's macarons are flavoured with their in-house tea and given the care in seeping the tea, the macarons are able to bring out the fragrance of each tea without leaving the bitter aftertaste of tannins.


Also, the winning factor of these macarons would be them being not-so-sweet but due to the reduction of sugar, the shells lack the crispy outer crust. Highly recommended for macaron lovers.

In case you are wondering what are the flavours, here is the breakdown
  • Black - infused with Napoleon tea (a type of black tea), Tahitian vanilla and caramel dices.
  • Dark Brown - infused with Camelot tea ( a type of black tea) and praline
  • Brown - Earl Grey Fortune with chocolate gauche
  • Pink - Bain De Rose tea (extracted from the Rose of Grasse)
  • White - Moroccan Mint
  • Yellow - Lemon Bush
Oh before I forgot, instead of the regular buttercream, their macarons are filled with either milk or white chocolate ganache, so the texture is pretty smooth and not cloying.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
9 Raffles Place, #01 - 22
Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: 6538 1837


evan 이벤젤린 said...

oh, i sampled their black napoleon tea macaron when i bought the french earl grey tea leaves that time. was pretty good! hope i hv a chance to go to their tea salon soon.

haha, thx for bringing my macarons into the limelight again ;)

Fen said...

The black napoleon tea is my favourite among the 6, followed by the Rose macaron.

In fact, when Yuan took the first bite of the Rose, he said "Oh my, this has a similar taste to Evan's rose macarons"... Looks like you can really open a booth to sell your macarons, indeed one of the best so they are definitely worth a mention.

The only thing is that since you are not selling it anymore, I was thinking of an opportunity to put in the blog... It is mean to tempt people when it is not available in the market...

yixiaooo said...

i like twg's macaroons as well and they are very underrated too...

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