Thursday, April 2, 2009

Along Singapore River ~ Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Nowadays when I pen down a review for a restaurant, it is definitely more than just food. The ambience, the service and the overall experience count it all in my rating and this place has impressed me in a way or another. Walking along Boat Quay has given people an impression that it is all about drinking and seafood and a peep at the ground level of Dallas didn't leave much of an impression.

The bar at Dallas (level 1)

A bar on the ground floor

Being a non-drinker, walking down Boat Quay at night dread me. With the lingering cigarette smoke and the humid weather Singapore has, I would never imagine myself dining at Boat Quay but little did I know what Dallas offers is more than I can imagine.

Alfresco view in air-conditioned comfort

Having a bar on the ground floor with alfresco seating that overlooks Singapore Asian Civilisations Museum and the other landmarks of City Hall, allows one to enjoy the Singapore nightlife along the waters.

Dallas (is actually the third-largest city in Texas)

Up to the second level brings a different perspective of the place, a restaurant serving American fare on the second floor. Having lunch with a view of Boat Quay in air-conditioned comfort is something which I enjoyed through the meal.

Dalla's Lounge where good wines paired with good food

A 'Den' on its third level with a decent selection of wines and beer, one will be surprised by the other dimension Dallas provides.

Dalla's Lounge

Another shelf of wine

The bar at Dallas Lounge (Level 3)

The use of red and black provides a touch of class, the mysterious feel presented by surrounding tinted mirrors and the muted lighting provide a relaxing feel for one to unwind after work.

More seating comfort offered by Dallas for good food and wine

The use of artworks allow diners to take things slow and observe the decor the owner has put up and it is no surprise why this place is getting popular for functions and gatherings.

The view Dallas offer at their 3rd level

And who can resist the view offers at the balcony at level 3.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar: LIC food outing

Thank you for LIC's effort to organize a wonderful food tasting session at Dallas. I am definitely going back for their 50% off promotion on Dallas' fiery or regular baby back pork ribs on Monday and Tuesday Nights (from 5.30pm to 10.30pm till 19 Jun 2009).

Dallas Restaurant & Bar
31 Boat Quay,
Singapore 049820
Tel: 6532 2131


ladyironchef said...

thanks for coming! see you all soon :)

evan 이벤젤린 said...

you took really nice pics of the surroundings & restaurant interior! too bad my macro lens cannot do that :( time to bring out the kit already!

all of you write so well, using bombastic words & phrases whereas i'm still in K1!

Fen said...

LIC: I have my fair share of fun. Thank you for organizing it, it was great to catch up with good old buddies and thank you for the introduction to Camemeberu and Keropokman.

Evan: Thank you for your compliment. I guess it is a different perspective from a macro lens. I do like your restaurants pictures, macro lens seems to be good to bring out the atmosphere and the feel of the place. In fact, some look like magazine shots...

Lol, my English is horrid, that was why I studied Science... Come on, yr writing has its goodness too. At least I don't picture-surf your blog, I do read and enjoy your entries.

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