Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mr Baoz! 包子先生

Mr Baoz! 包子先生

You won't miss this as you exit from the Malaysian customs and enter City Square. A Taiwanese concept shop, mixing traditional baos with savoury flavours e.g. potatos, squids, bonito flakes, chicken...

Savoury Baoz

Of course there are those donut looking baoz :)

Snowflake and Chocolate series

Half a dozen of these baoz cost RM14.95. These were the flavours which we tried.

1/2 dozen @ RM14.95

I would like to especially highlight 2 flavours. First is the viennese cheese baoz which contains crab mayonaise. This contrastes pretty well with the sweet man tou (bao). The next is the Curry Chicken baoz, the outer layer is fried and the filling is similar to the found in curry puffs but this is not too spicy. I wouldn't recommend the steamed series, they taste pretty ordinary for that price. Overall worth a try and as they say, it will change your lifestyle.

Interior of the cafe

Mr Baoz
JB City Square
Lot No J3-25 Level 3
Johor Baru City Square
Tel 07 226 2682


SiHaN said...

the baos look so interesting. love the flavors. Maybe I'll give those a go after my last paper! *woots*

Fen said...

Yea, they don't look like baos at all and Yuan seems to like them alot though I prefer the conventional ones with meat.

Best of luck for your papers...

Study hard wor...

Camemberu said...

Ah so they are in Malaysia already! Looks very interesting.

When my eyes skimmed over the last photo, I thought the slogan said, "This food will damage your lifestyle" LOL!! Well, all that carbo definitely will damage something!

. J . A . S . Z . I . E . said...

the bun seems to be too cute to be eaten!

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