Sunday, April 5, 2009

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier ~ Easter Special 2009

We were extremely honoured to be invited by Chef Laurent to take photos for his Easter chocolate collection 2009 and below are the creations he has put up for sales. You can see the sceens behind the process of our photoshoot at perspective of a non photographer.

Chocolate eggs with varying sizes of
5.5cm - ($5.00+), 7.5cm ($8.00+), 10cm ($15.00+), 12.5cm ($23.00+) and 22cm ($96.00+) in dark, milk, or colored. They are sold by pack or by piece and all the eggs are filled with small crunchy chocolate eggs.

A basket full of eggs (5.5cm)

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier's Easter Collections 2009

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier's Easter Collections 2009

Chocolate Hen (6cm) - $5.00+
Comes in milk and dark chocolate with candy eggs in the core of the hens

Chocolate hens (6cm)

Easter Special 2009 by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Easter specials

Candy eggs - $11.00+
"Pack of 100gm colourful sugar candy eggs"

Candy Eggs

Do visit Laurent's website for more ordering details.

By the way, I was reading Laurent's blog when I realized they have put up a lovely chocolate showpiece. His entry can be viewed here.

Chocolate showpiece

All photos are copyright reserved and are properties of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. If you see a photo you'd like to use please drop an email ( to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier and ask for permission. Thank you.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182


evan 이벤젤린 said...

congrats fen & yuan! you guys are getting very famous and soon you'll be on all major media :D

gimme the colorful easter eggs, pls :p

Fen said...

Thank you, Evan but I have to say it was very stressful...

Lol... you want the sugary colourful eggs?

evan 이벤젤린 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
evan 이벤젤린 said...

i know, its an assignment afterall :D but great that you're gaining recognition in this area! all your efforts in cake eating and cake writings are worth it ;)

yea, i want those sugary colorful eggs, i imagine they must taste like m&m's haha!

*Harris said...

Congratulations the both of you! =)

Do post up on your blog when the programme will be aired, so that all of us can tune in to it =)

SLYuan said...

Thanks both Evan and Harris, I guess we still a long way to go before we can actually make it to any offical media, actually we were kind of grateful to chef Laurent who trusted bloggers with his promotional shots. This was indeed a very great learning opportunities where we realised that we miss certain angles and details. We will continue to improve the photos :)

SiHaN said...

the dark chocolate egg looks pretty darn good!

great photos you guys! and i'm so glad that your efforts are breing recognised. Never let the cake/dessert eating spirits in you die!

ladyironchef said...

congrats! it was a surprise meeting u guys at laurent :)

SLYuan said...

Thanks Sihan. Don't worry, we won't neglect the food. After all the food is what it matters, photography is a bonus

fatpig said...

Hi fen, good job with the photos. However, from a marketing perspective, the use of white space is a little too much in 2 of your photos. You would probably want to cut down on that.


Fen said...

Harris: Guess you have misinterpreted, we just helped to take photos for the Easter special so there won't be any media coverage. :D

Sihan: Yea, I couldn't resist the chocolate hens, got 2 for myself but couldn't bear to eat them... Thank you for the compliment and yes, we have been eating lots of cakes, even my mum mention that I have put on weight, sob sob...

LIC: Thank you, was surprised to see you too, hope you have enjoyed the chocolate treats...

Fatpig: Thank you for dropping by.

Actually, we realized the photos which Mr Laurent has on his website are high key and during the photoshoot, he wanted people to focus on the subject and thus request for no distractions.

I understand the direction you are driving at and we need more readings and practice to master food styling. Elaine, Evan and Sihan do it very well and I am trying to learn and observe... Hmm, how did they manage to get all the creative ideas...

taster said...

White is a very popular color in French design especially for minimalists, so you would want to have lots and lots of it- beats having stripes or checks.

And I think their site address has been changed.

Fen said...

Taster, that is something new for me to know... I notice good styled photos are generally high key with very white background, also applied to photos found in recipe books... So, maybe apart from strips and checks, props might be lacking in these sets of pictures...

As for Laurent's website, I think they might be in the midst of renewing their domain, I attempt to google it out and also check the link they posted on facebook, the address is correct. Moreover, this link was working when I uploaded the post last week... Give it some time, should there be a change, I will update it accordingly. Thank you for pointing it out.

taster said...

And maybe Laurent wanted showcase design for his eggs, like the type especially for showcasing European branded goods or jewellery in shop windows, which explains for the lack of props. One of his eggs did have precious gold on it.

Fen said...

Wow, you are pretty spot-on. After seeing the distraction in the background, he wanted to take the eggs against the white walls.

However, for the simpler creations, he didn't want it so plain. At least that was what I saw from his facebook and website.

Oh, I didn't know that European branded goods or jewellery in shop windows has little distraction and props... That is so unlike from what we saw in Singapore. Usually, the displays in the shops are pretty well-themed.

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