Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laurent's flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake II

My good impression of this cake still stay, for its soft and springy texture. Often chocolate cakes are made good because of cream or mousse to soften and moisten the texture and eating it on its own can be dry and crumbly (Yes, I have a habit of eating cakes layer by layer) but not in the case of Laurent's flourless chocolate cake.

The chocolate content is definitely sufficient to my liking and the texture is not overly light like a chiffon. In short, one of the best no-frill chocolate cake I have ever eaten and is recommended for those who dislike mousse and cream.

Oh, this time round, I took Ice's recommendation and have it with their vanilla ice-cream. Agreed with her that it is like eating warm chocolate cake minus the molten lava. _________________________________________________________
Yuan's comments

My usually impression of flourless chocolate cake would be those that are dry and coarse. Laurent's flourless chocolate cake on the contrary was soft and "egg-y". Not the usual rich chocolate sort but simliar to those light chocolate sponge. Order it together with a scope of their vanilla ice cream to bring out the contrast in taste. Highly recommended. _________________________________________________________

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182



ice said...

I recommended butterscotch ice cream. :) The waitress urged me too.

Fen said...

I only realized you had the butterscotch ice-cream after linking your entry... Alas, I only recall it is white in colour so I thought it would be vanilla ice-cream...

Guess I will try it on my next visit... Should thank you for the entry, I wouldn't have imagine having it with ice-cream... I think the staff only serve apple crumble with ice-cream so she was surprised when I request to serve the ice-cream with the cake.

SiHaN said...

you guys always say it's 'eggy'. haha. I think it's a rather amusing comment. Must be Yuan's interpretation of almond flour as the eggy taste again right? cause when it's flourless, these kind of chocolate cakes are mostly made of almond flour.

That looks gorgeous anywayz.. wish i could stick my fork into it NOW! haa.

Fen said...

"Eggy" is used more often by Yuan and yea, his form of interpretation is eggy = almond powder while spicy = nutmeg...

But then again, I thought flourless cake is a thickened whole egg foam, which is similar to making a Génoise cake, so wouldn't the "egg" taste or texture be prominent?

Go indulge with Laurent's bakes... Even looking at the photos make me hungry...

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