Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blackforest @ Al Forno


Do note that this cake is only available as a whole (10", >1.5kg @ $60++) but we were honoured to have it served per slice.Dribbled with raspberry sauce on the plate, the cake looks sinfully rich for its deep, dark and moist outlook.

Yuan claimed it is the best blackforest cake he had tasted so far for its rich chocolate sponge and mousse. Incorporating in each bite is the rum-soaked cherries to remind us that it is a Blackforest. Yes, the cake is that rich when it comes to chocolate.

What was also nice about this cake is the vanilla-flavoured whipped cream in which the cherry sits on. As for me, I thought this cake has to be shared by two or finished by a hard-core chocolate fan. Definitely a cake that will leave most satisfied and happy.

Al Forno Trattoria
203 Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307638
Tel: 6256 2838


New Kid on the Blog said...

Hi... first time here. like your blog... :)

Fen said...

Thank you for dropping by... :)

taster said...

They don't serve sliced blackforest cake now? Then that's a misrepresentation of their website. I bet you think the cake is more of a chocolate cake than a blackforest.

Fen said...

Ya, currently it's only available for sale as a whole cake so in a way, I didn't get to try the other cakes they have... Oh, they do have other desserts for dine-in...

This cake is so rich and you are right, I can't help but to think that it is more chocolately... but then again, isn't Black Forest all about kirsch soaked cherries, whipped cream and chocolate sponge, it does fit the criteria though...

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