Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Leaves' Blackforest

St. Leaven @ Takashimaya

I am sure at some point of time in a person’s childhood; one would have eaten the localized Blackforest from neighbourhood confectionaries which are in the form of whipping cream and chocolate sponges, topped with glazed cherries and chocolate flakes. So, in a way, the few Blackforests we have at didn’t leave a deep impression.

A collection of cakes by Four Leaves

This time round, we have chosen to have Four Leaves’ Blackforest cake back to back with Mezza9 and we felt that the choice is pretty clear. We definitely like Four Leaves’ Blackforest Classic. In our definition, we felt that this version of Blackforest is a bridge between the all-time childhood favourite to the more authentic ones.

Blackforest Classic

Unlike the extreme sourness of the cherries, the ones in here are sweeter and do not have the bitterish after-taste of Kirsch. In addition, the fresh cream is very light with an acceptable level of sweetness. What makes it different is its chocolate whipping cream and its higher cake content, making the overall combination pretty light to be finished by one.

Saint Leaven by Four Leaves
B2 Takashimya
Tel: 6735 1235


taster said...

I think there is a need to make clearer distinctions between Four Leaves' Blackforest Classic and St Leaven's Blackforest.

The Four Leaves Blackforest Classic found at Bugis Junction branch for example, has the globs of hideous bland cream.

Fen said...

St Leaven and Four Leaves are under the same company so the Blackforest Classic from St Leaven and all Four Leaves outlets are the same.

Having ate the Blackforest Classic together with Mezza9's Blackforest, the cream is much lesser and is slightly sweetened so I personally find is pleasant to finish all the cream (but not for Mezza9). The main different between the two is that the former uses chocolate whipping cream while the latter has chocolate mousse.

taster said...

I remember eating a Blackforest cake from Bugis Junction's Four Leaves that looks different from the one in your posted picture.

Fen said...

That was weird, might due to the perspective in which this picture was taken.

Anyway, I did check with Four Leaves and they mentioned that the Blackforest from St Leaven is the same as all the other Four Leaves in Singapore.

I saw your Blackforest reviews on HGW, apart from Laurent's Blackforest, have you tried others that are worth a mention?

taster said...

Not many Blackforest cakes I tried are worth mentioning but my experience tells me that the cakes and desserts made in specialized local European eateries would be harder to disappoint, since Europeans are very passionate about their desserts.

Based on the picture from its site. Al Forno's Blackforest looks lusciously rich in its chocolate sponge. The usage of maraschino cherry on a swirl of cream is clearly adopted from German style Blackforest cakes.

Since the Blackforest originated from Germany, it should also be interesting to try the Schwarzwalderkirschtorte(Blackforest in German)
from Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

Fen said...

Wow, Al Forno's Blackforest has almost no traces of (white) whipped cream... It is a good thing I asked u about where to hunt for Blackforest, one of my friends recommended a place for good carbonara which is located near Beach Road but I just cannot remember what is the name of the place. Arh... So, it is Al Forno.

Been to Brotzeit once but I only tried their tiramisu, warm chocolate cake and apple strudel, wasn't very impressed by the desserts though but the pork knuckle was good.

taster said...

Fyi, there is the Al Forno Trattoria at Goldhill Centre(Blackforest) that I mentioned and another similar place named Al Forno at East Coast. Maybe the carbonara your friend recommended is at Al Forno at East Coast.

As with many specialized European places found locally, you must check with the availability of their different foods before you visit.

Fen said...

Oh, I have mistaken Goldhill as Golden Mile. Seems like the Wine and Dine's review for Al Forno Trattoria is good, particularly a special mention of their blackforest. Looks like I got to give a call and drop by a visit.

As for European cuisine, I am not very familiar with it. Do you refer to calling up the restaurant beforehand to check for the availability of their different food?

taster said...

Yes, calling up the restaurant beforehand to check for special foods availability along with the reservation, since most visits are meant for the special foods. Food do get 'sold out' sometimes.


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