Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No. 16 Blackforest Cake from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

If anyone ask me which are my favourite patisserie or desserts hangout, one of them will definitely be Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. Every single visit to Laurent has been memorable and satisfying. Without doubt, this will be the first place that comes to my mind when I am craving for chocolates.

Overlooking the main entrance of Laurent @ Wessex

This is not the first time I have blogged about Laurent @ Wessex and the atmosphere this branch has is very different from Laurent @ the Pier. Unlike the use of white and green, this branch adopts a very cottage-like feel. The chocolates, paintings and plants provide a very homely and comfy feeling.

In fact, it was also through this phototaking session which we began to appreciate what Mr. Laurent is trying to portray with his decor, his passion and ideas.

A comfy outdoor seating which one can peep through the kitchen

The outdoor seating allows one to peep through the kitchen, his idea of a laboratory, truly indeed, a place where the chemistry of ingredients interwine to form beautiful creations.

Artworks and plants to provide a spring feel

I have never pay so much attention to the other part of the cafe until now and I realize the choice of the various shades of brown and white certainly brightens up this former colonial house.


Breakfast is now available at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier and this location which the cafe is situated allows breakfast diners to enjoy the morning sunshine but yet sufficiently sheltered to avoid the morning glare of the sun. Splendid.

Interior of Laurent @ Wessex

Having given a tour of this place, let me introduce one of the cakes I have been dying to try, which is none other, Laurent's signature Blackforest (also featured in the Sunday Times, 50 yummiest cake).


As described in the article,
"One of the dreamiest cakes in Singapore, this magnificent creature is made with layers of dark chocolate sponge filled with dark chocolate mousse, kirsch-soaked cherries, whipped cream, and a heap of feather-light chocolate shavings."

Fen's comments

Blackforest is something which most will have eaten when young and my perspection towards Blackforest changed after eating Mezza9's blackforest and BakerZin's Foret Noir. It seems that the more expensive Blackforest has a tendency of not being sweet to allow the sour kirsch-soaked cherries to be the most understanding in the entire bite. Thus, the overall taste is first a sharp alcoholic sourishness, followed by the smoothness of the mousse and whipped cream with a bitterish after-taste of dark chocolate.

When I first had it at the cafe, the cake has pretty much melted and thus didn't stand out when we have it together with the chocolate tart and flourless chocolate cake. However, it was completely different when I had it at home, chilled proper and each bite brings me to heaven. I'm serious, even my family members were surprised how Blackforest can be so different and memorable.

Yuan's comments

Laurent's black forest was kind of different from the rest of the selection. I was expecting rich and thick chocolate mousse or sponge coup with cherries. However this was relatively light, smooth chocolate cream rather than mousse. The cherries were mildly sour but what stood out was the smooth chocolate cravings by the side which not many can achieve. Overall worth a try but I am not really a fan of black forest cakes.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182



evan 이벤젤린 said...

the place looks totally homely, doesn't look like a patisserie at all! love the flower wall mural, reminds me of the flower by KENZO perfume bottle :p

and this black forest cake looks exactly like the bakerzin one! if u never mention its from laurent, i would hv thought its bakerzin's! yuan is not a fan of blackforest? but u said he is! u said him & weili likes it? hmm

SLYuan said...

Evan: I guess she was referring to the time at bakerzin. One of those few which I was quite neutral to.

Fen said...

Yea, I like the murals too... the choice of colours is so comtemporary yet European...

Haha, guess there isn't much variations Blackforest can be, either you have whipped cream and chocolate sponge or the additional layer of chocolate mousse...

Among the BakerZin's selection of cakes, Yuan prefers the Foret Noir and Chocolate Amer more than the others... but generally he is not a fan of sour berries... That is also why he didn't like Laurent's Blackforest as much as BakerZin's Foret Noir...

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