Monday, April 20, 2009

Chinese Dessert - Part 1

Ji De Chi 记得吃

Venturing down Liang Seah Street one would notice the 2 dessert outlets Ji De Chi and Ah Chews on both sides of the road. In this entry we shall review Ji De Chi and the next we shall review Ah Chews.

Tang yuan, 汤圆

We put 2 desserts to test. First up is the all time favourite Tang yuan, 汤圆 in ginger soup. It was generally up to standard but the only let down was the peanut flavoured Tang Yuan, the peanut was kind of harden in one huge block.

Pureed durian with fresh durian and pomelo

Next up is a Singaporean favourite - Durian Puree with pomelo Sago. I recall that I once said that this was the best durian puree which I have tried. Alas, this time they served me durian puree with frozen durian pulp. Apart from the frozen pulp, the durian puree was indeed satisfying.

We were kind of upset with this episode and decided to cross over to Ah Chew's. To find out what was our verdict? Read our next post.

Ji De Chi 记得吃
8 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189029
Tel: 6339 9928

Operating hours -
Open daily from 11am - 11pm


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