Friday, April 3, 2009

Opus Deli @ Lau Pa Sat

Opus Deli was recommended by Huiyuan and I must say we have enjoyed the dessert spree at Opus Deli. This bakery has been around for 4 years at a quiet corner of Lau Pa Sat and for the tourists this iconic Victorian filigree cast-iron structure is something one shouldn't miss out when visiting Singapore. The shop is close to the junction of Raffles Quay and Boon Tat Street (popularly known as "Satay Street"), just behind Romanee restaurant and diagonally opposite Prima Deli.

Opus Deli

Upon entering this take-away outlet, we were welcomed by the fragrant baking smell whiffing out from their apple crumbles and I can understand why Opus Deli attracts the office crowd to grab some snacks for high tea. For those who have heard of Opus Deli, their niche is to offer "Out of this World Cakes at Down to Earth prices" and their tart-sized Apple Crumble, which was featured earlier this year in the Sunday Times, 100 snacks under $10, is something one wouldn’t want to miss.

Smell of fresh buttery apple crumbles

Opus Deli's bakes

Selling at $2 each, the Opus Deli apple crumble was still warm in its core despite our prolonged photoshoot at the non-air-conditioned seats in hawker center. The crumbly pastry, the apple filling and crunchy crumble topping make it simply irresistible and good on its own.

Apple crumbles

Opus Deli’s apple crumble will appeal to people who prefer to eat pastry crust and crumble topping as its apple filling is pretty little. Because of the little filling, the tartlet base remains crunchy unlike those who has its filling seeped and softened the crust. The thick layer of streusel topping is lightly flavoured with nutmeg and cinnamon and the slight caramelized texture is the winning factor for their apple crumbles.

We bought a couple of Opus Deli's apple crumbles home and the apple crumbles were well-received by our family members.

Yuan's Comments

I love apple crumbles and a crumble at $2 is a steal. What made the Opus Deli apple crumble stood out was the buttery smell and you can eat it on the go. In fact, I ate it the next day for breakfast and it still taste good. Highly recommended.

Opus Deli
18 Raffles Quay #01-33
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
Singapore 048582
Tel: 6223 1916

Operating hours – 8 am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays


EteL said...

oh, opus is walking distance from my office, sometimes i go there to makan. my colleague told me the brownies are nice.. heh.

u guys bought so much!

ice said...

The apple crumble here used to be alot better with a much thinner & buttery crust. It's just too thick now.

Fen said...

Etel: Ah, I would pick up an apple crumble or two if I am nearby but they are closed pretty early and are not opened on weekends...

Actually, I only bought 8 apple crumbles and 2 NY cheesecakes. He wanted us to try the Cappuccino cake and the cheesecake cupcakes so those were complimentary. As for the rest of the cakes, he didn't give me the original size but rather a sampling size. I only realize they were also complimentary and that I have only paid for the NY cheesecakes and crumbles only when I was writing these entries.

Ice: I read the review on HGW and notice that they have changed the recipe alittle. I haven't try the old one before since I only discover this store recently.

Actually I am one that fancy a thick crumble as the apple filling are often too sweet or sour to my liking.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

u bought 8 apple crumbles??? why on earth would u buy so much? haha. and i had a fright when i saw the no. of cakes u photographed!

i love thick crumbles too :D

Fen said...

1 for every family member :D
3 on Yuan's side and 5 on my side...

Haha, we had an apple crumble, a slice of NY cheesecake, 5 small slices of cakes and we have room for Qiu Lian Ban Mian (秋莲板面) and Fried Kuay Tiao with extra cockles (来典炒果条).

I actually skipped gym that day for these...

foodaholic said...

Omg, that's on my list of to-try next! :) Looks good, will drop by once I have the time to nab them.

ice said...

fen: I didn't read the reviews on hgw. I've tried the apple crumble myself then & now and it's really much better in the past. This may be as well satisfactory if you hadn't tried the previous one.

Fen said...

Yea, it is a pity I didn't try the old one... Maybe I will drop a feedback to the owner, Mr. Erlich Phua.

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