Friday, April 24, 2009

Moo Year's Delicious Cheese Cake

Talking about Calendar's, one of their products I will not forget is their carrot cake . I happened to give slices of carrot cake to some of my colleagues/friends and out of 8, 3 actually purchase from Calendar's, 3 were craving for carrot cakes after that while 2 found it so-so.

This time round, apart from Calendar's carrot cake, I have tried 3 flavours of their cheesecakes and I can't help but to think of Ben and Jerry while eating them.

The gorgeous Guernsey look in their Mmoolala Cheesecake with patches of pure chocolate on creamy cheese,
Mmoolala Cheesecake

The handsome Holstein, Moreoreo cheesecake
Moreoreo Cheesecake

The Seductive Strawberry Swirl with strawberries snug in cream cheese pockets
Strawberry Swirl

Calendar's cheesecakes are generally creamy and smooth. Not the most memorable one but all the flavours were well-received by my family. Strawberry Swirl had bits of strawberries in them and was not overly sour. The tangy strawberry puree provide a refreshing taste but I thought the digestive biscuit base was not crunchy enough to my liking. Oh, my bad. The base / crust is actually made from Graham crackers brought in from Los Angeles so for people who want a different type of base, don't miss out what Calendar's got to offer.

Moreoreo cheesecake had a thick oreo base which was better-received among my sisters and me. What is good about it was the reduced sweetness but like the Strawberry Swirl, it lacks the crunch from the oreo bits.

Had a mixed feeling about Mmoolala Cheesecake as the sourish bit of cream cheese does confuse the taste of chocolate, since I have not come across a good chocolate cheesecake, I shall reserve my comments. Last note, there is an unaccountable bitterish aftertaste, it might contain some nutmeg for this flavour.

All in all, its smooth texture and the effort to make the various flavours looks different from the conventional, monotonous, single-colour cheesecakes, are worth mentioning. As the cheesecakes are not rich with cream cheese, neither was it tinted with lots of lemon juice, they were pretty neutral to be accepted by most. Also, Calendar's strives to make it better with quality topmost ingredients and to keep the oils cholesterol friendly, butter unsalted, sugar reduced, omit the salt if that can be done. Definitely appeal to the health conscious category.

Currently, they are having a promotion of selling their dairy delicious at $39 till 30th April. The cakes are 8" (>1.2kg) and delivery will be waived for any purchase above $150 per location.

Calendar's Cakes
257 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128434
Tel: 6464 0383


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