Friday, April 3, 2009

White Chocolate Raspberry Light and Cappuccino

Note that the serving portion shown in the picture is not the actual size of the cake. The actual portion is about 2 to 2.5x of what is shown in the picture. However, this is the portion of each cake if one orders the dessert platter (small - $25, premium - $30) which consists of bite size "petite" cakes and some others specially made for the platters, e.g. macaroons, chocolate balls, etc.

White Chocolate Raspberry Light ($6.20) is the favourite cake of the owner, Mr. Erlich Phua for its light and refreshing taste. Although this is a white chocolate cake, the taste of chocolate is extremely light and almost undetectable. What makes this cake outstanding is mild vanilla sponge with raspberry bits, providing a mild and plain taste with slight sourishness. Yuan added that this may be a good alternative to strawberry shortcake. At least vanilla mousse is more healthy then fresh cream.

Raspberry Light

Cappuccino cake (only available on order) is a combination of chocolate and coffee mousse. The taste is generally mild and what Erlich felt was that this cake does not leave an “aftertaste” present in Bengawan Solo’s coffee cake. We thought it was pretty ordinary but might be a different story for coffee lovers.

Cappuccino cake

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