Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My afternoon date with Nectarie

Today is a day where I don't do things that I usually do. I started the day with baking, total chaos in the kitchen, though tiring but it was extremely fun and in the afternoon, I actually bought daddy's Olympus e330 and a tripod out for my cake hunt.

What is the occassion?

A meet up with my blogger buddies,
Vicki, Sihan, Claire, Evan, Brad and Weili... I have indeed enjoyed myself alot and I am definitely looking forward to more... Before I continue further, I must emphasize that knowing them has been the best I have ever gotten from my blogging addiction.

Those who have communicate with me will know alittle about my "bragging" about camera tricks but frankly speaking, when it comes to using a dSLR. I am no where near Vicki, Evan and Brad. Anyway, you can view my "works" at a larger size by clicking photos...

Walking along the streets of Clarke Quay on a Tuesday afternoon displayed very different thoughts as the absence of people makes you take a second notice of this place. Though I have been here twice, I have never notice the facade of Nectarie.

With varying shades of maroon and brown tiles, Nectarie adopts a very different feel in the day and night. In the day, the choice of maroon and brown brings out a level of class while the night of Nectarie brings out a winter Christmas feel.

Displaying an array of brightly coloured cakes, who can resist not enjoying desserts from this place?

Sihan can't resist Pistachio containing cakes while others are curious about the Matcha Sweet Potato but I indirectly stopped them from ordering it. A thick chunk of sweet potato and 2 layers of agar-like layer weakly flavoured with Matcha is definitely a no-no to me.

But I am pretty surprised our dear friends today are surprised with Yuan's choice. So, how could we not order the Chocolate Terrine with Coconut Mousse.

Pistachio White Chocolate

Pistachio creme brulee between vanilla sponge and raspberry jam

$7.50 (excluding 7% GST and service charge)

Chocolate Terrine with Coconut Mousse

Light coconut mousse infused between dark chocolate and rolled into chocolate sponge

$6.00 (excluding 7% GST and service charge)

According to Claire, it seems like Parfait of Dark and White Chocolate might be one of Nectarie's specialty since it is on the first page of Nectarie's menu.

Parfait of Dark and White Chocolate
Dark and white chocolate mousse covered with ganache
$7.00 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge

Since there are only 11 sliced cakes available and that we got 7 people, we just eliminate the Strawberry Tart, Irish Coffee Walnut, Matcha Sweet Potato and Double Chocolate Mudcake. Here are Brad's and my remaining choices.

Caramelized Banana and White Chocolate

Chunky caramelized bananas sit in white chocolate on a crunchy base with light banana sponge

$7.00 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge)

Also featured in ST 50 yummiest cakes

Dark Chocolate Opera

Dark chocolate layered with coffee cream, espresso and almond sponge

$6.00 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge)

Granny's Smith Apple Crumble

$6.00 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge)


Finger biscuits soaked in Kahlua and espresso with light mascarpone cheese

$7.00 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge)


Fen's comments

On my first visit, I don't really fancy Nectarie's Matcha Sweet Potato but somehow or rather that didn't stop Yuan and I a second visit since I am determined to try all the 50 yummiest cakes.

Today impromptu outing surprised me with such good attendance and I'm really happy but at the same time, I was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that the other desserts will be good and not disappointing...

----------------------------- Comments on its 50% promotion -----------------------------
Alas, before I continue any reviews on the cakes, I have to emphasize that this 50% discount promotion is so-not-transparent. Nectarie vaguely put 50% off for all sliced cakes with purchase of drinks BUT when I re-confirmed with the staff, the first one just told me there is no such promotion until I told her I saw it on Nectarie's LCD 2 weeks ago and that I called up last week to re-confirm. It was only the second staff that told me that only 1 drink is entitled to 1 sliced of half-priced cake. I seriously dislike half-hearted offers, why can they just provide a cake combo like BakerZin and Cedele?

----------------------------- Comments on its 50% promotion -----------------------------

Personally, Pistachio White Chocolate was a tad sweet but overall taste was good. A good mix of sweetness and slight sourishness but I felt that the taste of Pistachio was not strong enough. In terms of Pistachio based desserts, Aroma's Pistachio macarons, BakerZin's Fraisier and Obolo's Nikita are so far the best I have encountered.

My verdict for Chocolate Terrine with Coconut Mousse & Caramelized bananas with white chocolate still stays. In fact, I find them the best among the 7.

Parfait of Dark and White Chocolate was good in my opinion even though some felt that the after-taste of whipping cream was strong. The alternating layers of chocolate mousse of varying cocoa content and its chewy chocolate ganache does justify my calories.

Don't bother with the Dark Chocolate Opera. Even though it was not mentioned that caramel is introduced in this cake, I suspect the "Kikkoman" taste proposed might be due to the caramel. It really taste funny, horrid and end up to be the most untouched, unfinished and least tempting. Spare me from the haunt.

Granny Smith's Apple Crumble was not too bad and the staff was nice enough to re-heat it for us (It gradually became chilled after the prolonged phototaking). Although most felt that the apple content was too little and has a funny spice taste, this is much better than the apple crumble I had from Calendar's.

Tiramisu is average, nothing to rave about. Nothing beats Aroma's Tiramisu.

Horray, my buddies have uploaded their views on Nectarie... From Evan's Kitchen Ramblings , herlittleblackdress , Fundamentally-flawed and Ladyironchef. Not forgetting Claire's late but not forgotten entry.

Nectarie le' Dessert Pâtisserie
Blk C, The Cannery
River Valley Road Clarke Quay,
Sinagpore 179022
Tel: 6305 6728



Vicki said...

Hi Fen! As usual, you're the fastest to blog!

I must commend your lovely photos! Crisp and clear with good lighting and composition.

It was yet another enjoyable dessert outing with you guys! :)

P.S Could you send me the group pictures? :) moonlite_butterfly@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance!

ladyironchef said...

mine mine, you are super fast! i'm still in the midst of writing man. haha. i love your two photos of the exterior of nectarie. i saw what vicki took for the exterior and couldn't replicate the same feel. when you took it one? i didn't see u do anything while evan and i were busy shooting. it is good! see you shld bring dslr out more often!

but how come your post like don't have your comments one? too tired to write anything so just post the pictures up first?

btw, i'm very happy to know all of you too, the company is full of fun joy and laughter. plus all of us simply love desserts, which made it very interesting when we discussed which are good and bad.

Can send the "human photos" you took to my email? bradleyfk@gmail.com. thanks! Right, where shall we go next? hahahahha!

Fen said...

Wah, you guys are very fast wor...

I am still battling with the alignment while Yuan told me via the phone that you guys have left the comments...

Thank you, Vicki for the compliment. I enjoyed the outing too :D
I have uploaded the photos on the flickr, will email you the link later...

I took the exterior of Nectarie after daddy dropped me off. That was why Weili saw me with the dSLR. Now that you mention, I am curious how Vicki's photos will turn out... As for bringing the dSLR out, I still haven't overcome the fear of being told off by unhappy staff or owners.

I am still debating whether to post my comments, scared it will be termed as "harsh"...

Hmm... the next outing should be either Choupinette or Smoking Frog bah...

ladyironchef said...

please do post your comments, i'm interested to read them. Do not worry about critics who disliked your writings, this is YOUR blog, and why should you not write just because they don't like? Don't be discourage!

sgcake.com will not be the same without your honest opinions on the cakes and desserts!

yeah lets go choupinette!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

nice pics fen!!!!! u must bring yr DSLR along nx time whenever u go out!!!!

saw the "human pics". omg as usual, i'm freakin UGLY. pls don't show anyone, or if u hv to, mosaic out my face 1st!!

and thx for the carrot cake once again ;)

Fen said...

LIC: posted my comments already :)

Evan: Thank you for the compliment, just plain lucky. I ever end up with pretty bad pictures from dSLR...

Neh, you looked fine, dear... In fact, my mummy finds you so bubbly and young.

U r welcome, hope you find the carrot cake nice :)

Hmm... after my carrot cake has cooled, it didn't taste that bad after all..

SiHaN said...

you guys are insanely fast. haha. And as usual.. i'm lazy again.. haha.

ladyironchef said...

lol! u are not lucky la, dslr takes time to practice it one, the more u take the easier it become. ya thanks for the carrot cake, its nice.

how come i got the feeling your writings are kind of half-hearted? like you didn't write everything out one. are u worried being label harsh review? dont think so much, its your freedom to write, just put down whatever you think.

sihan: you are terribly slow. and you finished your exams already, no more excuse. hahahaha

Fen said...

True comments, I didn't hold back any information or feelings...

Usually I will only put extreme comments when both Yuan and I didn't enjoy it. One can be subjective, two should be confirmative since we have different preference...

I am ok with Nectarie's desserts apart from the Opera. I just felt that the others are not good enough to justify the price...

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

Hey!!! I visited your blog for the matcha entry!! Haha... Din noe it was your blog.. But it was really great knowing you!! Hope to see you at my place soon!!

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