Monday, December 22, 2008

Grand Cru Alpaco from Peaberry and Pretzel

As mentioned in my previous entry, the dessert platter did impress and thus Yuan has decided to order one of the two cakes that has caught his attention when he first stepped into the cafe. Since we have tried Peaberry espresso chocolate cake in the dessert platter, we settled with their bestseller, the Grand Cru Alpaco ($5.50 excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge).

Basically, this is a dark chocolate mousse and a layer of chocolate cake coated with glossy dark chocolate glaze.

For those who are wondering if macarons are available in this cafe, the answer is no. Those macaron shells seen in the glass display are only for decorative purposes.

I didn't take a close-up of the display as there were dining guests earlier in the evening and as it was closer to closing hours, there were a handful of take-away customers. Moreover, from my understanding from the staff, they don't usually allow customers to take pictures of the place and thus it would be appreciated if the intention was made known right from the start. They didn't stop me but I have decided to ask for permission before firing my camera.

Fen's comments

Grand Cru Alpaco is a typical combination of dark chocolate glaze, chocolate mousse with a layer of chocolate cake. Since it is available in various bakeries such as Aroma, BakerZin and BreadTalk, what will make such a cake outshine the rest, is an additional ingredient to bring out the chocolate combination. Aroma has a vanilla brulee inlay and since milk chocolate was used, it is generally on the sweeter side. BakerZin, on the other hand, introduce lavender essence, thus appeal more to females. BreadTalk though has a similar combination but its texture was just too rough to reach any verdict.

So where does Grand Cru Alpaco stand? For a price of $5.50++, I would say it is definitely one of the better few. Using dark chocolate mousse, this is not sweet but the chocolate cake fails to stand out. In my personal opinion, I always thought that chocolate cake should be sandwiched between chocolate mousse and not layered at the bottom.

I would recommend this cake if one prefers Caraibe for its high chocolate content as this is a dark chocolate creation but with a softer and smoother texture.

Yuan's comments
Without doubts, this is one of the best dark chocolate creation which I have eaten. As I mentioned before, a cake which can make you crave and finish when you are full is really good. This cake has just the right composition - rich but not overly rich. Smooth chocolate mousse and chocolate fudge... I am craving for it again.

Peaberry and Pretzel
Blk 106
Clementi Street 12,
Singapore 120106
Tel: 6777 3477

Operating hours
12:30pm to 10:30pm (Tues to Fri),
10:30am to 10:30pm (Weekends),
Closed on all Mondays except PH

Peaberry and Pretzel has closed but re-opened as Buttercake N Cream.


Foodies Queen said...

I didn't ask...I just snapped. WoOps. >.<

Fen said...

I think they are only particular if you take pictures of the cafe...

Aspen said...

This chocolate cake looks so yummy! I can't stop myself to taste it!!

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