Saturday, December 6, 2008

Warm and Soft chocolate Cake from Seventh Heaven

Following a series of ice-cream, we couldn't resist not ordering their warm and soft chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice-cream ($7.80 excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge).

It seems like there is a slight inconsistency as some claims that it doesn't have molten chocolate while others praised the soft core of the cake which is filled with a warm heart of chocolate liquid. Well, our version was close to a 70% molten chocolate with a 30% cake and was served warm with a moist centre.
Initial taste of this cake was no doubt chocolately and delicious and the vanilla ice-cream was silky smooth with a strong fragrance of vanilla. However, if you allow the cake and the ice-cream to linger in the mouth awhile longer, the molten Italian Amedei chocolate is slightly acidic and has a salty after-taste. Not sure does single-estate chocolate has higher acidity in its cocao but this is definitely not within my preference boundary. Also, because of high cocoa content, it is no doubt bitter. I like its texture but I didn't fancy its bitter, salty and sourish after-taste. Chocolates shouldn't taste like that.

As for its French Vanilla ice-cream, home-made with four types of vanilla, including the top quality Madagascan variety, the use of excessive type of vanilla leads to a confusing taste. Each of the vanilla has its own unique taste and when mixed together, the combination was overwhelming in a negative way. Smoothness is not doubt one of the best, but fragrance was a little tad confusing.

Seventh heaven ~ a blissful habit
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