Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Swensen's Rocky Road

For some reasons, I haven't eat log cakes for years as my parents thought that it is something that is overpriced, overly sweet and not fantastic. Hence, since young, I have always long to eat a log cake but it has never came for years.

Somehow or rather, this blog has ended up with 3 log cakes this Christmas.

Anyway, Yuan has eaten this log cake with his family

Below are Yuan's comments for Rocky Road...


This is your conventional Swensen's log cake.

More ice cream, little cake.

This is as good as eating rocky road ice cream. Dark chocolate with nuts and marshmallow. Those who love dark chocolate will love this. This cake is ideal for those that like bitter dark chocolate as this cake is not sweet at all. I guess this is more to suit the Xmas occasion. Apart from the occassion, I think eating ice cream might be a better idea than ice cream log cake.
Swensen's Singapore
Funan DigitaLife Mall
109 North Bridge Road
Tel: 63383655

Operating hours - 10:30am to 10pm (daily)


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