Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waffle World at Sunway Pyramid

From the bus stop near Chinatown of KL, there are lots of buses that bring you to various areas and to go to Sunway Lagoon or Sunway Pyramid, we took bus 13 which is approximately 20 minutes ride (RM2).

This is a really huge shopping mall with lots of shops that resemble the ones in Heeren and Vivocity (i.e. a wide selection of shops to cater to teenagers and adults). Ate a fair bit of stuff there and thus, by the time we head to waffle world, we only have room for one item. Like some other Singaporeans, we were misled by the name of the place, thinking that it serve only waffles but don't be surprised by the amount of main course offered in this place.

Since we are just here for their waffles, we ordered a basic one that comes with maple syrup and butter. A Classic Belgian Waffle will cost RM5.90. So do we like it or we prefer the ones in Singapore?

Fen's comments

This place indeed provides alot of variations to eat their waffles, be it with savoury stuff such as ham and cheese or sweet treats such as syrup and ice-cream. Since we are so full, ice-cream didn't tempt us so a basic waffle with just butter and maple syrup will be a test of how good their dough is.

Unlike waffles from Gelare in which its dough has a nice sugary fragrance and its texture is soft and springy or the cake-like texture in which U.d.d.e.r.s adopts, the batter used by his place is closer to what Cold Rock Creamery has. But instead of having a soft waffle, its exterior is crispy with a pretty bland taste. Such waffles are good with ice-cream and syrup but when eaten on its own, I generally miss the pandan waffles in neighbourhood bakeries.

Yuan's comments

Apart from the wide selection of flavours to go with your waffles, I personally found the waffles at Waffle World disappointing. I feel that it lacks the scent and is more to hard than crispy. Instead of maple syrup, it is simply normal syrup.

Waffle World
Lower Level 2
Sunway Pyramid Shoping Mall
Tel 03-74921937


Foodies Queen said...

wow fen...Eat all the way to KL. :D
Must have been fun shopping @KL...SALES!!!

Fen said...

Haha, I am not into shopping, I can walk the entire mall but can't find anything that I liked... But it is a complete story when it comes to desserts... I simply dunno why...

I didn't do much shopping in KL but lots of walking that my poor calves are screaming...

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