Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dunkins' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts, an international donut and coffee retailer founded in 1950, has been one of the first donut paradise we have known since young (at least for the 1970s and 1980s babies). Which child out there can't resist the colourful, sugary treats? Still recall how I plead my parents to get me donuts with the colourful rice sprinkles and toppings of screaming colours. As we grow up, Dunkin' Donuts started to disappear from Singapore slowly and eventually who has remembered this childhood favourite.

Things started to be different when Donut factory cause a stir in December 2006 in which long queues can be seen and people end up queuing for more than 2 hours to try their donuts (I queued twice for about an hour or so each, felt so stupid when I think about it). No doubt, the donuts are richly decorated with chocolate and jam and when I ate it during the hype, I felt oh-so-worth-it. Subsequently, Munchy donuts (now known as Donut Empire), J.Co Donuts & Coffee and all other donuts outlets came popping out of Singapore in a similar manner like the Bubble tea and Rotiboy craze. Singaporeans are just obsessed with food, don't they?

Despite my current dislike towards donuts due to its countless calories and its oily dough, as I gaze towards the various branches of Dunkin' Donuts and saw the array of colourful donuts. My thoughts went back to my childhood. A special treat I once adore, we have decided to get a box of 6. I knew of the calories but just thought I will just give it a try. Then on board the long journey back home, we shared the donuts.

Fen's comments

Out of the 6 donuts, I shared the Cinnamon Cake Donut and Chocolate Whole Wheat Donut with Yuan. Generally, unlike the donuts available at Donut Factory, Donut Empire and J.Co, Dunkins’ Donuts are not that oily (at least the paper box is not soaked up with oil) and generally adopt a non-bread texture. What do I mean by that?

For instance, for the Cinnamon Cake Donut, it has a very light cakey texture which is a more porous texture than those available at Pop DoH. In terms of its strength of cinnamon, it is not that strong; thereby have a relative plain taste.

As for the chocolate whole wheat donut, despite having a doughnut hole, the chocolate fudge is tucked within the dough itself. Its texture is slightly coarse since whole wheat is used instead and the chocolate fudge softens its overall texture. A direct opposite of a chocolate glazed deep-fried piece of bread.

Yuan’s comments

The good thing about Dunkin Donuts is that they have many flavours and they taste quite distinct from each other. This is unlike the popular donut outlets here in Singapore (I shall not pinpoint any store) which the donuts just feel and tasted so oily. At Dunkin you can have even healthy choices such as wheat donut. Hence there is surely something you would like here.

With so many branches around Malaysia, you won’t miss a Dunkins’ Donuts outlet; we have purchased these donuts from the KLCC LRT station, an underground LRT station served by the Kelana Jaya Line.


ice said...

I don't like donuts too but I love the Boston Kreme from Dunkin'!

I hate the smells from J.Co haha.

Fen said...

Dunkin has a different way from presenting their donuts, at least they don't look oily and coated with a shiny finish of chocolate or jam. Donut factory, Donut Empire and J.Co taste too close to a bread with lots of wet toppings... Don't know I am so additcted to that in the first place...

Yeh, the smell from J.Co is so disgusting that I feel like puking whenever I pass by a branch... worse than a fast food chain

Anonymous said...

dont work at dunkin donuts in singapore
the management is sucks...
and so the manager by the name of WENG at ION Orchard outlet...

Anonymous said...

Dunkin donut in singapore have receive so many complains from customer..
Wat a lousy company..
and the stuff are so rude!!!
they also very calculative among the stuff.
Easy say, CHEAP SKATE!!!!

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