Friday, December 19, 2008

Chocolat Grand from BakerZin

What happens when Fen and Yuan are deprived from cakes for 3 days? Tired after walking for 4 days... Been on the bus for 5 hours... Do we rush for our beds to rest or the nearest bakery to curb our craving... Well, if it is the former, this entry would not have exist.

Since we are so exhausted after all the walking and long journeys, we have decided to pop by BakerZin to grab a cake or two. Yuan was curious what will his verdict be after all this cake spree and thus stick to the Chocolate Amer while I am curious to try another Christmas special of theirs. This time round, Chocolat Grand was my choice as I insist that it is the equivalence of Chocolate Amer based on their description... "Flourless chocolate sponge layered with bitter chocolate mousse"

Each slice of Chocolat Grand costs $6.20 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge), the same price as Chocolate Amer.

Fen's comments

When compared to Chocolate Amer, this is no where near when it comes to its texture of the chocolate mousse. Although its chocolate content is higher than Amer, the texture is relatively coarse, just like how it is portrayed in the photo. The flourless chocolate cake is the same as Chocolate Amer and instead of having one type of chocolate mousse like the Amer, Chocolat Grand has a layer of glossy dark chocolate glaze with crunchy milk chocolate layers. Hence, despite having 4 types of chocolate layers in this cake, too much just makes it cloying instead of addictive.

Yuan's comments
Effectively, this is simply the harder and less moist version of the chocolate amer. Not sure is it meant this way or its simply left in the fridge for too long. Well the main difference is this layer of chocolate fudge. I always felt that chocolate fudge with mousse is a really good combi but in this case, I found the texture of the mousse rather disappointing.

BakerZin, United Square
101 Thomson Road
#01-07/60 United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6251 5550

Operating hours - 10:30 am - 10 pm (Sun to Thur)
10:30 am - 11 pm (Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday)


evan 이벤젤린 said...

it looks good to me, very dense like baked cheesecake :p

i miss u dearie, can't wait to see u on mon *hugs*

Fen said...

Haha, this is when I will say looks can be deceiving... This is the cake to go if you fancy dark chocolate mousse with a texture like a chocolate bar...

Chocolate Amer is much better...

The 4 layers of chocolate is no doubt dense and rich...

I can't wait for Monday too...

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