Friday, December 19, 2008

Carrot Cake from Dunkins' Donuts

Surprisingly, after roaming around shopping malls and hotels, it is pretty hard to find cakes in KL, apart from tonnes of Starbucks, Secret Recipes and occasional bakeries with a small selection of cakes. Thus, I am determined to have one slice before returning back to Singapore and since I am still searching for good carrot cakes, I guess I don't have much choice, do I?

Wonder why am I doing stupid things ever since I started blogging, have you heard of 2 jokers eating the same type of cake for close to 2 entire weeks, particularly when there is only enough room for 1 cake. Simply Unbelievable!!!

LIC is gonna whine at me for my poor pictures. I am trying to minimize my load and thus the dSLR will have to stay at home... Moreover, we need to rush for our bus and thus we take away this baby and ate it on the bus... Hopefully, it still looks tempting.

Fen's comments

The cream cheese frosting has too much magarine content. YUCKS!!! Thus, this is the 2nd cake in which we scrapped away the frosting. However, when it comes to texture of the cake, it is soft with a slight grainy texture. Cinnamon strength is better than Calendar's and Room for dessert but the cake is a little too sweet to my liking. For RM6.00, it is not a bad deal but so far I have not found a second cake that can make me crave as much as Cedele's walnut carrot cake.

Yuan's comments

Apart from the sweet and buttery layer on top of the carrot cake, this carrot cake is not too bad. Soft and have a slight starchy feeling with strong cinnamon smell. There is no walnut in this cake, just pure carrot with cinnamon.

Dunkins' Donuts has gotten their cakes from Golden Oven and these bakeries are located at
Ampang Point (03) 4253 2684
Carrefour Wangsa Maju (03) 4142 7254
Jejantas Sg. Buloh (Kaya Kopitiam) (03) 6141 2817
Ampang Petronas-Kolam Air (03) 4257 4124
Larkin Bus Terminal - JB (07) 222 8706
Plaza Angsana - JB (07) 232 1245


FoodieGymmie said...

i like carrot cakes warm up in the microwave before serving... urs is not?

Fen said...

The only carrot cake I had that was warmed up in the microwave was the one from dome and I ate Calendar's carrot cake chilled.

To me, warmed up cakes tend to taste slightly softer but when a carrot cake is good, it doesn't make much difference to me.

I don't warm up my cakes is because I don't have a microwave, only ovens... but I will do so if chocolate fudge cakes become too hard...

ice said...

I used to wonder too if carrot cakes are supposed to be warmed. But the cream cheese frosting answers this question no?

ladyironchef said...

hahahaha you know then still make the mistake. next time try dont take with flash la. digital camera flash really cant make it. lol

Fen said...

Ice: Hmm... cream cheese frosting contains butter or magarine so microwaving it will melt and change the taste of cream cheese? I am not sure, I only warm up donuts, muffins and chocolate cake to soften it...

LIC: If I use P&S, flash is inevitable since the sensor is too small. Was comtemplating to bring the slr along but we were worried abt snatch thelves since there were only 2 of us. Have to mount tripod if we were to take portrait.

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