Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baskin Robbins

I have been eyeing at this ice-cream parlour when I first saw it at Johor Bahru but due to a full stomach, Yuan promise me that I will have it on my next visit to Malaysia. With so many branches across Malaysia, there is no way I will miss out this place.

When the staff at Baskin Robbins are making the waffle cones, the smell produced is so heavenly addictive that it simply attracts me to make an order. Thus, from my supposed chocolate cake order, it became a waffle sundae. Apparently, if one pick the waffle bowl, 2 scoops of ice-cream is a must...

Quite surprised that the branches in Singapore didn't survive despite it being a global chain of ice cream parlors founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945 in Glendale, California. Long history, huh? Another interesting thing is its "31 flavors" slogan. Wow!!!

Browsing through the lovely colours of their ice-cream, my eyes set on their "no sugar" selection. Trying to find more excuses to eat more and since I have intention to order a slice of chocolate cake, I eliminated all the chocolate selections and decided on the peach crumble (from the "no sugar" selection) and macademia nut... A RM16.80 waffle sundae entitles a wet and a dry topping so chocolate fudge with bananas sound good.


Fen's comments

The macademia nut ice-cream is filled with lots of nuts, much more generous than Hagan Dazs but in terms of its vanilla base, it is not as nice and smooth as the latter. Moreover, Hagan Dazs has a unique vanilla fragrance which till now I thought only the Line from Shangri-La Singapore is comparable.

Its peach crumble is very refreshing and it tasted like sorbet with some cream content. But what is nice about the entire sundae is the waffle basket that comes with it. The waffle is fresh, sugary-crispy with the right thickness with a tint of fragrance that shows resemble to Marks and Spencer Viennese Biscuits.

Yuan's comments

The Macademia ice cream is kind of sweet but has this rich vanilla smell. The Peach crumble is refreshing and is kind of like a sorbet. Overall the ice cream is quite nice but I guess the star is really the waffle. As Fen pointed out, it tasted identical to the Marks and Spencer Viennese Biscuit.

Baskin Robbins
1 Jalan Imbi
Lot K-01-02, 1F
Berjaya Times Square
Bukit Bintang

With countless number of branches, you don't need to go Kuala Lumpur for their ice-cream.


ice said...

fen: I thought you should know that No Sugar desserts use aspartame, the diabetic sugar, as replacement for normal cane sugar. Aspartame cramps/mutes/changes the taste of ice creams/desserts and to me that's a heresy so I'd never go for No Sugar ones. I think evan would be in a better position to tell you that. Desserts with aspartame taste different from the original. Same goes for HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). I discovered an ice cream parlor in Singapore (won't call names) which uses HFCS in their ice creams. I've never gone back since.

Dessertarians! Why Low Fat No Sugar? Bring on the sugars & fats!

Fen said...

Oh, thank you for the reminder, I forgot all about artificial sweetener. It didn't come across my mind when I ate the peach crumble as Baskin Robbins' ice-cream áre not overly sweetened.

When it comes to ice-cream, my criteria is the texture, must not have ice-cream and a velvetly smooth texture is a must, I paid too much attention on the fats content...

Now I am curious which ice-cream parlor uses HFCS, care to drop me an email to tell me where this place is? Wonder do I say good or bad...

Haha, low fat no sugar is becos we have eaten excessive desserts and thus we want to reduce our sin committed...

ice said...

ok dear... answered your curiosity in my latest post.

Fen said...

Indeed an entry loaded with tonnes of information...

Thank you for sharing and sometimes I wonder how you manage to lay your hands on these information... It is amazing you know you know so much...

ice said...

fen: knowledge of ice creams come from the many years of eating them lol. And also kind information that Eunice & Chronos from Tom's shared with me. :)

Anyway, if you want to best Lychee Martini, try Daily Scoop. It's near P&P. Their Brandied Figs, Butterscotch Pecan & Avocado are very good too. To me, it's not the flavors but the texture of the ice creams that count. And for that criteria, Daily Scoop and Tom's pass muster. Tom's takes the edge coz they're able to balance the sweetness whilst not compromising on the taste.

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