Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Durian puffs from Emicakes

Before I know about Goodwood Park Hotel's famous durian deli, daddy will always buy durian goodies from Emicakes. Since young, they have been known to be Singapore No. 1 durian maker. Since I didn't manage to get Jane's durian cake and yet I am near Jalan Kayu, I simply cannot resist not eating durians. Hence, I managed to persuade daddy to get me durian puffs.

There are 3 types of D24 products, be it their durian cakes or durian puffs and the choice is obvious if you don't mind the pungent smell of durians. With the most amount of durian pulp and the least cream is what Emicakes termed as Ultimate and if you prefer something mild with a tint of durian pulp, then Classics is what the staff at Emicakes will recommend. Prenium will be somewhere in between.

Their durian puffs are sold in the following pricing
Ultimate D24 puffs (12 puffs) - $18.00,
Premium D24 Puffs (6 puffs) - $8.00,
Ultimate D24 puffs (4 pcs) - $7.00,
Classic D24 puffs (12pcs) - $7

Since I am ok with durians, Ultimate is the way to go. No doubt the filling is generous, the durian pulp can be felt in every bite and the bittersweet durian just makes me so yummy but pay attention to the price, each piece costs a hefty $1.50 (if you purchase 12 puffs) and $1.75 (if only 4 pieces are purchased).

Now why do I suddenly sound so negative? Because the puff pastry is alittle hard and I would say Goodwood Park Hotel's fare far more better. Those generous durian pulp in each fluffy profiterole is so unforgetable despite me eating thrice. Based on April 2007, these bite-sized pastries are priced at $1.80 per piece, $10.50 for 6 pieces, and $34 for 20 pieces). So, isn't the choice clear now?

Anyway, final note, all UOB cards are entitled a 10% discount.

Emicakes (Compass Point)
1 Sengkang Square
Compass Point
Singapore 545078
Tel: 6388 9901

Operating hours - Opens 10am-10pm daily


Hejin said...

Have you tried the durian puffs from Puteri Mas? It's at Joo Chiat and used to garner a lot of newspaper reviews!


Fen said...

Yeh, I have tried the Puteri Mas durian puffs...

The filling is much lesser than Goodwood Park and Emicakes but the puff pastry is soft and its filling is very smooth, fine and melts in the mouth...

However, if you like to have durian pulp in your puffs, then Goodwood Park is better. If you like it bite-sized and a smoother filling, then Puteri Mas is a must-try. It has a similar after-taste as Jane's durian cake...

Puteri Mas has a booth near Suntec Carrefour, so it is not that inconvenient.

ladyironchef said...

eeeekk! durians! i dont'like. haha. well but the goodwood park one is definitely more expensive right? oh its only slightly more expensive per piece eh? hmmm!

anyway have fun at yr KL trip, see you when ya back : )

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