Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The short trip I was talking about in the previous entry is to Kuala Lumpur. To many, it is just a usual weekend getaway, but to me, it is really memorable as it is the first trip out of Singapore with Yuan.

We tried to search for cakes in KL but alas, either it didn't look tempting or we didn't manage to find any pâtisserie within the vicinity. However, we try our best to bring in sweet entries this week. So stay tune to see what has caught our attention.

Cinnabon does stir some memories as cinnamon rolls are no longer available in Singapore, at least, I don't get to see it as much as in the past.

Since we are pretty full after lunch, we have decided to settle with one Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985, this is the roll that made Cinnabon famous! As described, this warm dough is filled with their legendary Makara Cinnamon, topped with freshly made cream cheese frosting.

Anyway, each bonnie costs RM3.60.

Fen's comments

This indeed fits the description (apart from the cream cheese frosting, more like frosted icing sugar), it was served warm with lots of Makara Cinnamon. The cinnamon scent makes it so heavenly but the oil makes me ponder to have a second piece. Anyway, since when we care about calories when we indulged in desserts. This baby is no doubt moist, soft with the right amount of cinnamon scent.

Yuan's comments

I have always loved cinnamon and hence cinnabon really appeals. Generous cinnamon sugar with dough is a must try for all who love cinnamon. Must admit that it is kind of sweet and oily but I really enjoyed it.

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