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Seventh Heaven, where premium ingredients meets alcohol

Yuan and I have been talking about this place for quite some time when it was first introduced at ieatishootipost. Subsequently, Evan and Sihan showed enthusiasm towards Seventh Heaven and Pastry Bar after reading Sweet Double Delights from TodayOnline. Since our desserts radar has been screaming non-stop to drop a visit to this place, we couldn't hold our temptation any longer.
In the mood for Christmas... Warm and comfy in this ice-cream parlour :D
Although since young, we have passed by the former Gan Eng Seng School often while traveling down Keppel Road but we have never imagine ourselves to cross "Malaysian borders" to enjoy a different level of ice-cream. Sandwiched between the Malaysian railways and the housing blocks of Spottiswoode Estate, Seventh Heaven is located at the former Gan Eng Seng School (which is now Marketing Institute of Singapore) with a 鸟不生蛋 ambience. This place is not as inaccessible as most thought.

Refering to Ice and Sparklette's entries, there is a shuttle service that travels between Outram MRT and MIS at certain timings. Alternatively, it is a 15 min walk from the bus stop located along Kampong Bahru Road which is just a bus stop away from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) or a cab which costs about $3.80 from Outram Park MRT (sounds reasonable for 4 people).

Adopting the feel of a homely dining room, the place is well furnished with glass table tops, cushioned chairs with shades of red or brown and wooden furniture. The seats overlook at elevated level towards the kitchen which is neatly shielded with vertical black blinds and greenery to provide a cozy and comfortable feeling. The warm lighting illuminating the entire place lightens the entire atmosphere.
Sample Menu ($13.90) - (From front) Chocolate, Chocolate & Whisky, Green Tea
Their specialty ice cream comes in different sizes, namely Sample Menu ($13.90 for any 3 flavours or $10.50 for selected flavours by the house), a la carte ($5.80 for a scoop and $9.20 for double scoops) and Takeaway ($3.90 for single portion, $6.30 for double and $10.40 for a pint). All prices are subjected to 7% GST and 10% service charge and they only accept cash payments.
Sample menu
On the left (from top):
Chocolate, Chocolate & Whisky, Green Tea
On the right (from top): Lychee Martini, Butter, Scoth & Pecan, Irish Cream & Liqueur

With 12 flavours on the menu, they have
  1. Blackforest,
  2. Butter, Scotch & Pecan,
  3. Chocolate,
  4. Chocolate & Whiskey,
  5. Chocolate & Coffee Crunch,
  6. Creamy Espresso,
  7. French Vanilla,
  8. Green Tea,
  9. Irish Cream & Liqueur,
  10. Lychee martini,
  11. Mango and
  12. Peanut Butter and
their Christmas special, which has a 10% off when two or more Christmas pints are pre-ordered before 18 Dec 2008 and to be collected on 23 Dec 2008, includes
  1. Cranberry (with vodka),
  2. Christmas (with sherry and Cointreau),
  3. Egg Nog (with rum and brandy) and
  4. White Shade of Pale (with white chocolate)

Fen's comments

My favourite of the 6 flavours chosen was clear-cut. The Lychee Martini (made with vodka, lychee liqueur and a dash of lime juice) is heavenly good. The smoothness, the lychee fragrance and the after-taste of liqueur compliments each other completely. This definitely send me to seventh heaven. For those who love Centre Ps's Lychee macarons, this for sure won't disappoint.

Second to this is the Butter, Scotch & Pecan which is traditional vanilla and scotch whiskey and buttered pecan. Since primary tastes are registered by little sensory receptors on our tongues and palates. Each mouthful of this creation consists of the initial sweetness and fragrance of vanilla, followed by the fragrance of the mild buttery caramel taste and lastly an after-alcoholic taste of whiskey. Need me to say more?

Green Tea was alittle mild to my liking while chocolate ice-cream is just rich and smooth. Since I fancy the vanilla based ice-cream more than the chocolate ones, I have to give credits to this place. It is rare to find such wonderful "white" base ice-cream and I am definitely looking forward to my second visit.

Yuan's comments

Ironically, We tried 7 ice cream flavours during our visit to 7th Heaven. Have to agree that their alcoholic ice cream is one of better ones in town. Typically, alcoholic ice creams will taste a little like sorbet but the ones which I tasted today is slightly creamier. Surprising the ice cream which I found to have the highest alcohol content is the Butter, Scotch & Pecan. The butter, scotch taste is totally overwhelm by the alcohol taste. Those who love alcoholic ice cream should try this.

There were 2 flavours which I particularly liked - Chocolate; Irish Cream. These were the 2 mildest in terms of alcoholic content. (The chocolate ice cream did not content alcohol) This came as a surprise to me as I personally love alcoholic ice cream. The chocolate ice cream was almost like eating dark chocolate fudge. So rich and yet so creamy. This one will really curb your chocolate craving. The Irish cream on the other hand is rather similar to the Danish Nougat of Anderson Ice Cream. Slightly sweetened and has this nice fragrance.

The other ice cream which left a deep impression was the French Vanilla ice cream. This is really a weird tasting ice cream. It has kind of a mint taste. Not sure if this is what was meant to be but I didn't really liked it.

Overall, I guess the ice cream here is above average but given its location, I doubt I will specially travel there for a scoop of Ice cream. Also contrary to what other bloggers claim that 7th Heaven has the best alcoholic ice creams, I find that their non alcoholic ice cream better. Of course, this is up to individual preferences.

Seventh heaven ~ a blissful habit
Marketing Instiute of Singapore
No. 10 Raeburn Park
Singapore 088702
Tel: 6227 7787

Operating hours:
11am to 8pm (Mon to Thurs)
11am to 11pm (Fri)
1pm to 11pm (Sat)
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays


evan 이벤젤린 said...

wah ok, thats fast haha, i'm still in the midst of editing the pics :p your pics turn out pretty nice! i like the one where u took the interior of the place. my lens is too macro that i only managed to capture a pathetic chair :( can i take yours?? and u never post the pic of the choc cake huh?

let's go back someday (of coz we will, since ms. sinny wants to go for sure). was a great meetup with u, as usual =)

Fen said...

Thank you for the compliment... Sure, I can pass you the shots but I need some time, the other comp jus crashed on me...

The chocolate cake is under the next post... Scroll alittle further down... remember I have a search by category feature, so I don't put them under the same entry...

Vicki said...

Haha it was an icecream saturday for me too! :D

Fen said...

Where did u go for ice-cream then? :)

ladyironchef said...

ya la, fen always so fast. haha. put bigger photos!! i old liao got poor eyesight. lol!! we can go later la, if u all go back again so fast also sian, some more 14 bucks per person just to eat ice cream also not exactly cheap. ha

somebody went for the Ben & Jerry chunk fest : P

evan 이벤젤린 said...

and somebody dare to say they're old...then i'm what?? antique?

sigh, i wanna go ben & jerry chunk fest oso. fen, maybe we shd hv gone there instead haha!

Foodies Queen said...

hmmm...cranberry with vodka...very tempting!

Fen said...

LIC: Trying to improve my photo taking skills nia... now I am so stressed...

Evan: I saw the *sigh* (Fen showing signs of disappointment), I didn't regret going 7th heaven since I am not into big crowds...

Foodiequeen: Yeh, alcoholic ice-cream from 7th heaven is fantastic... but I doubt I will order the cranberry with vodka, alcoholic ice-cream melts pretty fast, so I will end up with a smoothie by the time I reached home... but I don't mind dropping by for their lychee martini... Siok!!!

JJ said...

hey guys,
They now have a website too, with updates of their new flavours...


Fen said...

Wow, didn't know they have such a beautiful website. Thank you, JJ for the information and I have put the link on my entry.

Btw, have you tried the new CNY flavours? How was it?

jj said...

No worries.
their site is quite nice. simple and informative... just the way i like it..

Yeah i tried all the CNY flavours...
I liked the crispy pineapple best. thought it was really quite interesting, aside from it tasting good. hehs... and yourself?

Heard got some new flavours coming up.

Fen said...

Yeh, didn't know they have an interesting way to "make" their ice-cream upon ordering... I saw the kitchen from the outside and was wondering why there isn't a freezer to display their ice-cream...

I thought their alcoholic ice-cream are good, silky smooth and not watery... My personal fav is lychee martini...

By the way, have you tried Tom's palette, that seems to be a must-try when it comes to ice-cream in Singapore...

ice said...

fen: I think you got the wrong idea from the website. Ice cream making involves making the custard, pasteurisation, churning in the ice cream churner, then freezing a few hours before the ice cream can achieve the required texture for consumption. It's not what you think as "making upon ordering" (as in when you order off from the menu there and then). I think what the copy on the website is conveying is that the specific ice cream flavors are made only when particular orders for big events/retail etc. are taken.

Fen said...

"Seventh Heaven researches on, develops and crafts ice-creams only when an order is placed, to ensure that only the freshest ice creams are delivered for both retail and events."

I know where my mistake is, thank you for pointing it out...

Hmm... to ensure freshness, I wonder how frequent do they make their ice-cream... since they ensure freshness...

evan 이벤젤린 said...

when are we going to tom's palette? whennnnnnn :D

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