Sunday, September 28, 2008

Devil-Misu from tcc

Decided to chill out after dinner. Ultimately, dinner is never complete without a dessert or two. Since I can't make up my mind between cakes and desserts, I guessed I will just stick to lovely creations and that is 2 desserts from their menu.


Now what is so devilish about this...

Fen's comments

I don't understand why some people actually curse and swear so much over tcc's change of menu. tcc's tiramisu is still as good as before, if not better. In fact, be it the presentation, taste and service, it is worth some praises...

In fact, like I said this is better than the previous as the savoiardi sponges are thicker and thus the taste of the "cakes" and its alcohol can be tasted more distinctively. However, I prefer the one from aroma as I generally prefer a higher proportion of savoiardi sponges. Anyway, for more tiramisu recommendation, jus click on tiramisu under the "search by dessert type" dropdown bar or our tiramisu special.

Oh, what is so devillish about this? Its alcohol content...

Yuan's comments

I totally agree with Fen. The Devil-Misu is an improved version of their previous tiramisu. The major improvement as pointed out by Fen is that the savoiardi sponge is thicker and you can feel the taste of the alcohol from the mascapone cheese more distinctively. What I particularly like about this creation are the grapes that are soaked with alcohol. Dip the grapes into the mascapone cheese and it taste heavenly. But be warned - this creation has an high alcohol content. On the whole I would say that this remains as the top few tiramisu which I have eaten.

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