Monday, March 2, 2009

Carrot Cake from B Bakery

Those who have followed our carrot cake spree will know that we look out for 2 things in the carrot cake. First, its cream cheese frosting and second, the cinnamon content of the cake.

However, if one is following the conventional rule, this carrot cake is going to be a surprise. The cream cheese used in this carrot cake is flavoured with passionfruit and due to the strong and slight sourishness of passionfruit, it overshadows the mild-tasting, white cheese.

Carrot Cake

To make sure that the cakes have even edges, the chef chooses not to incorporate nuts and raisins in the cake but instead add grounded hazelnut to the cake. Since the passionfruit is rich in its flavour, the sweetness of the carrots fails to stand out despite the cake having a springy but not-so-moist texture.

I can't deny the fact that we were pretty put off by the passionfruit but judging from the popularity of their passionfruit cheesecake and that the carrot cakes were sold out by early afternoon, this is a love or hate situation.

Do note that there are many regulars that patronized B Bakery for their cakes and thus the unique taste of each cake actually suit the taste buds of the Caucasians that frequents this area.

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436
Tel: 6293 9010


evan 이벤젤린 said...

hmm really huh, this type of carrot cake ie. passionfruit cream cheese frosting with no raisins & walnuts in the cake will appeal to caucasians? coz i tot the original carrot cake is from america. now that they "twisted" it, i wonder how the caucasians will take it.

now i feel like having the prive one again *winks* we'll get to try it soon hehe.

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