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Privé bakery café ~ The sun, breeze and surroundings...

I presume Privé is not unheard of among the foodies in Singapore. Comprising of a modern New York-style restaurant, an outdoor gastrobar and a bakery cafe, Privé, a stone's throw from Sentosa, is located on Singapore's first "private" island, Keppel Island. Don't worry if one don't drive, a short cab ride from Vivo City only costs less than $4.50 so don't miss out on this multi-concept waterfront dining experience.

Clubhouse I

With the yachts aligned neatly on the tranquil waters of Keppel Island and that the Caribbean clear in sight, the view is magnificent.

A row of yachts @ the parking berths

As the sun sets and candlelight glows, the place transforms into a charming waterfront venue with twinkling lights from Caribbean. With the occasional sea-breeze and the sound of the rippling water, I don't think I need to go on further to explain the scenery further.

Twilight along the landmark bridge

Having said so much about the fancy bridge, yachts and Keppel's signature residential developments Caribbean at Keppel Bay, Privé bakery café is a place we will recommend for a lazy weekend.

Privé bakery café

As one can guess, this place offers a wide selection of freshly baked breads, pastries, sandwiches, fresh pies and milkshakes.

Interior of Privé bakery café

With the brightly-lit interior seating and the spacious exterior seating, the ambience offered by the place is beyond one's imagination, particularly when Singapore is such a congested and overpopulated place.

Overlooking the charming waterfront of Keppel Island

In some of the reviews I have come across the internet, people have mentioned about bad service, exorbitant pricing and mediocre quality of food but I beg to differ. In fact, this is one of my most memorable and pleasant dining experience over my blogging days and this place is more than just the waterfront and yachts.

Display of Prive's selection

The selection of pastries offered by the café is of a decent collection ranging from cakes, tarts and mousse. According to the staff, the popular choices are the rum and raisin cheesecake, hazelnut praline royale, chocolate tart and chocolate fudge cake. Seems there were only two of us, I have to resist ordering the entire array of desserts available for the day.

The Fabulous Prive Burger & French Fries with Truffle Oil

I have decided to come to this place after seeing the lovely photos of Keppel Bay and I chanced the recommendation of Prive's fries with truffle oil by one of her readers. No doubt the fries are crispy and crunchy with a nice hint of fragrance but it is expensive to pay $12 for a plate of fries ($10 for the fries and $2 for the truffle oil). A better bet would be the The Fabulous Prive Burger ($26). We had the patty medium well and Yuan felt that it is one of the best burgers he has eaten. Complements to the chef for getting the patty just the way we requested and that the burger bun is delicious on its own – lightly toasted & slightly sweet.

Of course, we have forgo the highly recommended milkshakes for desserts and ta-dah, the entries of all the desserts we had for the afternoon and the reviews of each can be seen from the hyperlinks below.
Hazelnut Praline Royale, $6.80
Baked Chocolate Tart, $7
Rum and Raisin Cheesecake, $6.80
Tarte Tatin of Pears (complementary)
Sticky Date Pudding (complementary)

An aerial view of Privé bakery café

The nightscene of this place is completely different from the day but the place is close to full house at about 7:45pm.

Looking across the cable-stayed bridge

And for the many praises about the drive-in, this is how our private island looks like under Singapore's starry sky.

Lastly, many thanks to Natalie and Elaine for making this dining experience so memorable. Also, these pictures would not have been possible without the help from Suhaila. Definitely looking forward to more visits to Prive and Keppel Bay.

Privé bakery café
No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382
Tel: 6776 0777


ice said...

You miss out the best thing here at Prive, the milkshakes are really good.

And you also forget to add another $4.50 out from Keppel...

SiHaN said...

wow. and how is it you always get complimentary stuff? amazing.. heh

Harris Chai said...

Wow! very very nice pictures indeed.

I love burgers, and the one you guys had look fantabulous, very beefy =)

evan 이벤젤린 said...

yea amazing how u always can get complimentary stuff. any tips? haha

Fen said...

Ice: I wanted to order the milkshakes, but I was overloaded with fries... In fact, we couldn't finish all 5 desserts... Will go back again... I want my Eggs Benny and the Irish Cream Milkshakes...

Sihan & Evan: Frankly speaking, I dunno either. There are some places with no email, so I just told them my intention when I reached the cafe/restaurant... At times there are complimentary, at times, there isn't...

Harris: Thank you for the compliment and the burger is great...

Camemberu said...

Wow the photos are gorgeous! It almost does not look like Singapore!

Man, I need to go for that burger - looks fabulously delish! All I have to do now is show hubby your photo of it! BURRRGERRR....

Fen said...

Camemberu: Thank you for the compliment. Yea, I didn't expect Singapore to have such a beautiful place. I got to know this place from Evan and I must thank her for the entry...

Yea, we like the burger and since then Yuan has been on a burger spree... Not sure if you can top up $2 to add truffle oil to your fries since ordering a bowl on its own is way too much for 2 ppl... We couldn't finish all the desserts for that day :(

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