Monday, March 2, 2009

Raspberry Chocolate from B Bakery

This is the owner's favourite chocolate cake and she wanted to hear our opinion about this. The chocolate couverture and mousse used are similar to the ones found in the praline mousse but the difference lies in its accompanying flavour.
For praline mousse, the combination is coffee, hazelnut praline and chocolate mousse. As for this, it has interlocking layers of dark chocolate mousse and a small portion of raspberry compote.

Raspberry Chocolate

Often, Yuan and I don't fancy sourishness in chocolate but this actually caught us by surprise. The raspberry compote is not extremely sour and it goes very well with the smooth chocolate mousse. I would actually recommend this if people has a liking for sour desserts.

As for the pink cap, it is actually a raspberry meringue but we find it just plain sweet. Nothing special about that.

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436
Tel: 6293 9010


ice said...

fen, have you tried Ambroiser from Ah Teng's? It's like Grand Cru Alpaco from P&P just that the cake sandwiched between (not below) the mousse is not chocolate cake but vanilla I think (if I can remember). I thought that was pretty good, especially the smooth mousse innards. I have an entry on that, you check my flickr for more innards shot.

Fen said...

I have only visited Ah Teng's once and the entries are classified under Raffles Hotel.

Tried their Manjari chocolate, Croquant and Pandan Kueh Lapis but the impression wasn't deep...

Oh boy, I saw the picture of the innards and I guess it is time for me to drop by again... I actually had the misconception that Ambroiser or Ambrosia refers to banana chocolate, little did I know that ambrosial refers to fragrant or delicious.

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