Sunday, March 15, 2009

Riders Cafe

A café located within Saddle Club off Eng Neo Road. This is generally a members-only area except for the club and cafe which is open to public. This place offers a scenic view for those who like to see greenery and open fields (a rare sight in Singapore) but we would advise readers to either drive in or take a cab, walking in is seriously a bad idea which we have personally experienced.

Riders cafe

Heard about the place being crowded and time constrain imposed on one of the bloggers, we have decided to drop by on a weekday to avoid any potential situations that might foul our dining experience.

Entrance of Riders Cafe

Despite being a weekday morning, the place is not entirely empty and considering the amount of seating area this place has, I guess it must be popular to attract such high volume of crowd.

Interior of Riders Cafe I

Like PS cafe @ Harding and Laurent @ Wessex, the place being so far away from the main road adopts a laidback atmosphere. Being in a cottage-like building on its own and surrounded by lush greenery, it is an understatement why this is such a popular brunch place. The occasional appearance of horses taking their morning exercise simply make our day and we couldn't help but to capture these moments on our camera.

Interior of Riders Cafe II

Since Yuan had his breakfast earlier on, I could only order one breakfast, which is Eggs Benedict served with breakfast potatoes ($12++) and a cup of fruits. Alas, I have to give the morning pancakes a miss.

Our breakfast

What we particularly liked about this is the bread, toasted with butter to achieve a slight-crispy outer layer. But Yuan specifically pointed out the excessive use of butter in the Hollandaise sauce thus overshadowing the taste of egg yolks. On the contrary, I am perfectly fine with the combination though I prefer more sauce. One thing that disappoints was that the poached eggs weren't drained properly and thus when I cut one of the poached eggs, the water started to flow out, soaking the bread beneath it.

Since the chocolate dessert, Death By Chocolate is widely mentioned in most blogs, I am curious about their strawberry shortcake ($10++) and to retain my mode of classification, the review can be found here.

This is one place that appears in almost all the blogs I have been reading and I simply cannot resist giving this place a miss.
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Riders Cafe

Riders Cafe

Bukit Timah Saddle Club
51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965
Tel: 6466 9819

Operating hours - 8 am to 10pm (Tues to Sun)


SiHaN said...

you finally went!!! congratulations. The photos look wonderful. and so does the eggs benny. *yumz* I do agree that the hollandaise had perhaps a higher content of butter than usual thus it wasn't as sour as i had anticipated and much more rich in a sense. But still good otherwise!

noobcook said...

woah I love places like these ... did you take a balcony or outdoor seat? The food looks delicious. I'm going to check the place out, thank you for your recommendation =)

Fen said...

Sihan: Yea, took me quite some time to drop by the place... Really out of the way... Thank you for the compliment, Yuan is gonna be happy when he sees your comment.

This is definitely a better Eggs Benny than what I had at Canele but nothings beats the ones from Choupinette... Like you, I prefer buttery over sourish...

Noobcook: Such places are rare in Singapore... We took the balcony seat and I have uploaded 3 more pics so you will have a better visualization of the place.

By the way, they do serve lunch (11am onwards) and dinner (after 6pm) which includes Fish & chips, Spaghetti alla carbonara, Gorgonzola ravioli, etc...

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