Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gourmet Sunday Brunch @ Cafe Biz, Traders Hotel

Last Sunday’s revisit to Café Biz was like an old friend reunion gathering. We have a lengthy chat with Ms. Helen Tan, the F&B manager of Traders Hotel and Ms. Ivy Yap, duty manager of Café Biz and it was an enriching experience for us as both have shared with us their passion for this industry.

Cafe biz

Interior of Cafe Biz

Café Biz's Sunday Gourmet Brunch is from 12 noon to 4pm, ideal timing for a weekend gathering and chat with your old friends. Do not be misled by the term brunch as the selection they have is close to a dinner selection. At $45++, one gets to enjoy fresh air-flown Pacific oysters, Rainbow trout caviar, free-flow fresh fruits and vegetables juices, Roasted beef, Brazilian Churrasco and many more.

Fresh oysters on ice

Roast beef crave upon request

The spread is pretty much similar to dinner so these batch of photos will be on top of what you will see that the dinner buffet and do note that Café Biz's dinner buffet on Thursday to Sunday is their version of seafood night. Also, given that they are under the Shangri-la group, some of the selections are presented by the chefs from Shangri-la Hotel. Hence, there is no excuse for one to miss out the buffets Traders Hotel has to offer.

Seafood on ice

The savoury section contains about 12 dishes which includes 扣肉包 (Braised Pork Bun), lasagne, Braised broccoli with assorted mushroom and oyster sauce, grilled seafood with garlic butter, baked scallops and many more.

Savoury food


Apart from the savoury section, one would not miss out their pasta corner which presents homemade pasta with your choice of sauce; La-mian corner which is handmade spinach noodles with beef broth, chicken broth and various chefs' specialties sauce and the Oriental roast station where they bring the best of Chinese BBQ delights. This is also the section which includes butter naan, masala and tikkas.

Beef La-mian

Oriental roast station and Japanese delights

The sushi bar offers about 6 varieties and the local favourite of Salmon Sashimi. This salad section also have smoked salmon with a range of cold salads such as beef salad and potato salad.

Smoked salmon and cold salads

A similar concept to Carnivore, the chefs will walk around to serve diners freshly roasted meat. I must say that the roast lamb is worth a try as Yuan is usually put off by the mutton/lamb smell (i.e. 羊骚味) but this one has ample herbs to curb the smell.

Chefs at work

The dessert bar offers a wide variety of desserts and shooters. Apart from the desserts shown in the picture, the dessert section is served with freshly made waffle served with blackberry compote and various choices of ice-cream. Chocolate fountain is an all-time favourite in buffets and the chocolate sauce is simply irresistible for its rich and velvety smooth texture.

Chocolate fondue and shooter desserts

What we enjoyed best about the desserts here is that they are quite mild and should be generally acceptable by most locals. As compared to certain buffets which I have been to, the desserts were either too sour or too sweet. It’s a pity that Café Biz does not have a coffee house to enjoy their cakes and desserts. For durian lovers, their durian pengat is a must-try and is consistent on both our visits.

We apologize for our lengthy introduction as we want to dispel the myth that Café Biz do not have ample spread for its buffet bar. No doubt less spread than its sister hotel Shangri-La “The Line” but decent to justify your pockets. The quality, the service and the consistency say it all.

Do note that the Sunday brunch selection is alot more than the Saturday brunch.

UOB 2 for 1 promotion & “Value Buffet campaign” for April to June 09
1 adult dines free for every 2 paying adults
Buffet Dinner (Mon to Thurs)
Buffet Lunch & Brunch (Mon to Sun)
Valid for Feb to June 09.

Mon - Fri buffet lunch - $35.00++
Sat buffet brunch - $35.00++
Sun Gourmet Brunch - $45.00++
Mon - Wed buffet dinner - $45.00++
Thurs - Sun buffet dinner - $50.00++

Traders Hotel, Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249716
Tel: 6831 4374


evan 이벤젤린 said...

omg you're torturing me with the pics, i haven't had anything since i woke up! haha. lovely spread i can see, drooling at the oysters and kong ba bao already :D

i had a fantastic time yest, thx for the company =) must do it again soon!

Camemberu said...

oh wow wow wow!!! what a gorgeous spread! looks like trader's hotel has upgraded their buffet spread! these are fantastic photos!

Fen said...

Evan: Wow, you made my day... or rather Yuan's day... Thank you for the compliment... Yeh, the oysters for that day is huge and juicy... As for the Kong Ba bao, there isn't much sauce to soak my buns... but they are nice...

No problem dear, definitely will meet soon... I want my chocolates!!!

Camemberu: Yeh, for that price tag, the spread is really good. I have been to buffets that is priced >$40++ but was just so-so...

Thank you for your compliments, the F&B manager was kind enough to allow us to take the photos without much disturbance...

SLYuan said...

Thanks Evan, I guess these shots wouldn't be possible if not for Helen - F&B Manager at Traders. Felt bad that her staff had to prepare buffet 30 minutes in advance for our photo shoot. At least I didn't let her down.

fatpig said...

I thought the food at Cafe Biz was average at best. Ate there for a team dinner a couple of months back. All of my colleagues agreed it was over rated.

But thanks for the writeup =)

ping said...

u know the weekday buffet lunch is from what time to what?

Fen said...

Hi Ping,

Weekday buffet lunch is from noon to 2:30pm while weekend brunch is from noon to 4pm... =)

Fen said...

I have added the new reservation website of Cafe Biz to this post.

Pricing has also been re-adjusted for July 2011,
Mon - Fri buffet lunch - $40.00++
Sat buffet brunch - $52.00++
Sun Gourmet Brunch - $52.00++
Mon - Wed buffet dinner - $52.00++
Thurs - Sun buffet dinner - $58.00++

At the moment, the buffet theme for July is Indonesian food.

Existing credit card promotion:
For Lunch, Brunch and (Mon to Wed) Dinner buffet, there is a 1-for-1 promotion
For Dinner buffet from Thurs to Sun, 1 dines free with every 2 paying adults

This is valid until 31 August 2011 and is limited to a maximum of 6 persons per card per table per bill.

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