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All about tarts @ Pâtisserie Glacé

Pâtisserie Glacé, a bakery that has caused a buzz among the blogging community is one place Japanese-style cakes or tarts lovers would not want to miss. Having read Ice's entry proclaiming their latest creation to be the Tart of 2009, do I need to explain further why I was at Chinatown on a Saturday afternoon?

The shop has gained its popularity fast after opening in November 2008 and though I have only reached at 1pm, Double Rare Cheese Mango, Strawberry mille-feuille and Strawberry Hills were already sold out and by the time we leave at 3pm, there were only Banana Chocolat, Maison, Strawberry Souffle, Banana mille-feuille, Opera and Mont Blanc left. So better call up and reserve your favourite slices of cakes to avoid disappointment.

Fromage Syun

Previously known as Fromage Blanc, Fromage Syun ($5.60) is a low-fat cheese tart. Despite having a discounted amount of calories, the taste of the tart sure deserves the praise. Unlike the other colourful creations of Pâtisserie Glacé, this tart has a humble white finish.

Yuan felt that fromage blanc shares a close resemblance to cream cheese while the base is cookie-like while I personally thought that this was a good combination of cheese, a cake-like layer on a crispy cookie base. In any form of description it adopts, it is a must-have for cheese tart lovers. However, Yuan would prefer to have this without the jam which I personally thought was negligible.

Canadian Maple Syrup Rin Rin cheese tart

The other tart which Yuan will not miss out is the Rin Rin cheese tarts ($3.50) and this time, we have chosen the one with Canadian Maple Syrup. Yuan felt that it bears resemblance to eating Portuguese egg tarts except that instead of eggs, its cheese. For me, my bet is still the original one for a "cleaner" taste.

Apart from the fabulous tarts we had, we have decided to try the Swiss-roll style creation, Banana Chocolat ($4.00). But since it doesn't fall in the tart category, we have published our reviews in a new entry.

Japanese-style cakes and tarts

I don't have to elaborate its popularity, here are the other praises given by fellow bloggers.
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Timeless facade - Patisserie Glace

Pâtisserie Glacé
34 Craig Road
#01-10 Chinatown Plaza
Singapore 089673
Tel: 6400 0247

Operating hours -
11am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)
11am - 5pm (Sat-Sun)

12 Gopeng Street,
#01-33/34 Icon Village
Singapore 078877.
Tel: 6400 0247

Operating hours: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
11am to 6pm (Weekends and P.H)

Do note that Patisserie Glace has relocated to Icon Village. It is on the ground floor of the Icon Condominium which is next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, behind Amara Hotel.


ice said...

Any idea why the name change to Fromage Syun? You liked the tart?

The maple syrup Rin Rin tart is sweet and naturally flavored with maple syrup. I thought this was really good. Isn't it $3.50 & not $2.80?

Fen said...

Nope, in fact, it was still Fromage Blanc when I was there last Sat. The new name appears on their website when I was checking the price.

I do like the tart, very light and smooth taste but I would prefer Strawberry Hills for its contrasting texture and custard.

I mixed up the pricing for Maple Syrup with the Original. I have changed it already. Thank you for pointing it out... For the taste, I thought the sweetness is not very prominent but the bitterish taste of maple syrup is stronger. Maybe because it is served chilled, it does taste different from maple syrup served on hot waffles...

Believe it or not, Yuan actually asked me if that was coffee flavoured.

foodaholic said...

Just in time, as I was about to get the fromage tart and rinrin tart next! Thanks for the review! ;)

Managed to try their mont blanc and strawberry mille feuille. Not quite my kinda desserts. :) The sponge turned out too light and mild...pretty much torn if I shd get strawberry hills cos my frd mentioned it's better than the souffle.

Fen said...

Foodaholic: Haha, Patisserie Glace is indeed getting popular. Make sure you reserve the Fromage Syun if you are dropping by late afternoon...

Mont Blanc is nice but not as a chestnut cake. Although it has a whole chestnut in the centre, the chestnut mousse wasn't strong enough. I didn't try the strawberry mille feuille but my sister likes the crisp pastry but finds the cream not light enough...

If you are a tart lover, Strawberry Hills is recommended. Strawberry Souffle is closer to a light cheesecake... If you have stomach for both, go for both...

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