Monday, March 2, 2009

Praline Mousse from B Bakery

B Bakery adopts a creamy chocolate mousse which goes very well with the coffee mousse found in the centre of the cake. At least, the balance of the two is right and that both flavours are evenly distributed across the tongue. The texture of the mousse is smooth and that it tasted like a light chocolate ice-cream which I thought was pretty similar to what Aroma offers.

As expected from the name, it has a thin layer of hazelnut praline at the bottom of the cake, providing an extra crunch to the overall texture. Though not the best but acceptable in my opinion.

Praline Mousse ($4.80)

This is definitely our favourite among the 5 cakes we had for that day and judging from the display of cakes available at B bakery, it seems like their specialty is chocolate mousse and that they have paired it with banana and espresso, raspberry or lemon. Also, their chocolate fudge cake is pretty popular but alas was sold out for that day.

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436
Tel: 6293 9010


ice said...

Why isn't this under the chocolate mousse tag?

Fen said...

Chocolate is the hardest when it comes to sorting and I tag it under chocolate-hazelnut for its presence of hazelnut praline. Some of my friends didn't like praline so I thought putting it under chocolate-hazelnut might be easier to distinguish from those without the praline...

I was thinking of putting a new tag for sweet pleasure and re-assign some of the chocolate tags but I haven't really have the time to look through them... Classification is something I don't enjoy so much... Moreover, my knowledge is not sufficient for me to classify them correctly...

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