Saturday, March 21, 2009

Le Grenier a Pain at Sembawang Shopping Centre

You will not miss this shopfront as you enter Sembawang Shopping Centre, a prominent 800 square feet bakery, sitting at the main entrance.

Sembawang Shopping Centre

Opened in December 08, by a pastry lover, Ms. Ellis Noval attempts to bring in French pastries and bread to Singapore. To accommodate to the local flavours, the breads are stuffed with savoury favourites such as bacons, hams and chicken curry.

Le Grenier à Pain

The other specialities are the bite-sized French pastries ranging from croissants, madeleines and caneles, that are sold by weight.

Mini viennoiseries

Mini viennoiseries

Traditional French pastries such as macarons and other cakes will not be missed out on their colourful display. According to the staff, French pastries are generally more colourful and sweeter so don't be surprised by the brightly coloured macarons and the sweet Carolines.

Le Grenier's selection of cakes

Apart from the cakes we had, we did try 3 of their breads, namely Champignons Jambon et Oeufs Focaccia (basically foccacia with mushroom, ham and egg), Fromage francais (cheese bread in short) and M. Chocolat Pain. The staff has advised to warm the Champignons Jambon et Oeufs Focaccia and Fromage francais in the oven before consumption.

Champignons Jambon et Oeufs Focaccia has a good layer of ham which goes pretty well with the hard bread while Fromage francais has a soft-chewy interior which compliments well with the tough exterior and chunks of cheese.

M. Chocolat Pain is also pretty hard with a crispy top and its chocolate chips emits a nice chocolately scent.

Overall, all 3 breads are worth a try but do keep in mind that their selection is a direct opposite of a conventional soft bun.

Bread culture

Le Grenier à pain (Closed)
#01-01 Sembawang Shopping Centre
Singapore 758459
Tel 6752 7627
Operating hours – 10am to 10pm (daily)


ladyironchef said...

the place has dine-in area?

Fen said...

Yea, it does, at the back of the bakery, facing the main road... We didn't take a photo of the tables as there were crumbs on the tables...

They do sell toasts and beverages...

SiHaN said...

the breads sound terribly enticing..

Fen said...

If not for the photos, there is no way I could remember the names...

Foodies Queen said...

Wow....the cakes looked delicious! SSC is way much better after the revamp!

Fen said...

Haven't been to SSC before the renovation but on a weekday evening, the place is relatively quiet...

Lots of eateries ranging from Fish and Co., Ajisen, Wang Chai, Astons, MOF... Apart from Le Grenier, there are 2 more bakeries at the basement, Dino Cake Shop (which shows resemblance to Polar) and can't remember the other.

I was amused by their Splash Park, great for families...

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