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B Bakery, an introduction

Retaining the design of Singapore's "first generation" shophouses, these two-storey buildings, with one or two windows on the upper floor facade, houses a variety of shops selling ethnic Arab goods such as Qurans, prayer mats, muslim apparel, carpets, wicker products and more. That was my impression gotten from my previous visit. This time round, having enter Arab Street via Beach Road, we noticed there are generally more eateries than shops, thereby attracting more foreigners and tourists.

B Bakery

B bakery is one place which offers sandwiches, western food, pastas and desserts thus is considered something different among the Muslim eateries and Turkish restaurants. I was surprised by its comfy interior seating area which is good for meeting up with friends.

Interior of B Bakery

Since the traffic along Bussorah Street is not very heavy, the outdoor dining area is pleasant for chit-chats and people watching.

Exterior of B Bakery

The owner of this place is a friendly lady and she is happy to cater to individual request. Despite only serving salads and sandwiches in the afternoon, she is kind enough to allow us to order from their dinner menu and get the chef to prepare for us. The service here is indeed warm, friendly and attentive.


Decided to try their pan-fried salmon ($18), which is served with shrimp butter, potatoes, vegetables en papillotes and their spaghetti aglio olio ($12.50 for lunch and $15 for dinner), served with mushrooms, asparagus and bacon. The salmon was nicely cooked with its meat moist and flaky. The sauce that comes with it has a zesty taste, making it light and appetizing.

The spaghetti aglio olio is sufficiently seasoned and salted with the pasta of the right texture and thickness.

Glass display of B Bakery's creations

Since this is a dessert blog, this array of creations are not escaping our clutches and we have decided to settle with 4 cakes. The 5th one was actually complementary from the owner as that is her favourite cake.

Cakes from B Bakery

Sticky date butterscotch is one of the more popular cakes available at B Bakery and the owner recommends if one likes the taste of Huat Kueh (also known as 發糕 or "Prosperity Cake"). Since the primary ingredients for butterscotch are brown sugar and butter, one can imagine the cake to be sticky and rich. However, despite all the positive comments, I am not a fan of such cakes, I just don't like the mashy, sticky texture. For those who likes the taste of dates, the butterscotch kinds of overshadows the natural sweetness of the dates.

Sticky Date Butterscotch ($3.50)

For the other cakes, I have to separate the entries for classification purposes so click on the links to read about their reviews,
Praline Mousse ($4.80)
Tiramisu ($4.80)
Raspberry Chocolate (Complementary)
Carrot Cake ($3.50)

I guessed this is one place which I don't mind visiting again. Since the prices are nett and that no service charge or GST is charged, I would say the food is priced reasonably. The owner prides herself for fresh ingredients and being a small eatery, the menu is pretty limited and that some of the dishes might not be available.

In short, I guessed this is a good place to have sandwiches and desserts with a few good friends for a good chat and chill-out.

B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199436
Tel: 6293 9010


evan 이벤젤린 said...

oh ya the cakes are very reasonably priced! nowadays can't find many cakes below $6 anymore. so you'll be doing a separate review on the individual cakes? wanted to ask u how's the carrot cake coz it looks like inside got not much things, like very "empty" like that haha.

Fen said...

Wow, you are fast... I was in the midst of writing the reviews for the cakes when you posted the comments...

Yup, was surprised by the pricing of their cakes. Defnitely worth a try.

Yea, separate reviews so that my category search won't be confusing...

The carrot cake review is up now :D

evan 이벤젤린 said...

hehe i practically "live" on yr blog, don't u know? :p i always check back several times a day to see if there are new updates or comments! i'm a loyal reader k! haha

yea must go arab street one of these days. one of the places i wanna try is coffee nations!

ice said...

evan & fen, don't let this sticky date butterscotch cake give you a wrong impression of Marmalade Pantry's sticky date pudding. Marmalade's SDP definitely doesn't taste like huat kueh. That dessert is unanimously loved by everybody, even non-dessert lovers. If there's one dessert in Singapore's dessert history that you must eat (before you die haha) it is definitely That sticky date pudding, not from anywhere else.

Fen said...

Evan: Thank you for the support. Yea, I am going back to Arab Street for more sweet treats... The weather was so bad last Sat that we didn't take photographs of the shophouses... So bad till I think i can attempt to photoshop a lightning in.

Ice: heard a fair bit about the Marmalade Pantry's sticky date pudding but you were pretty right about my reluctance to try it...

Judging from the way you recommend it, guess I will have to drop by and enjoy a good meal there... Thank you for the recommendation...

SiHaN said...

i second for the trip to coffee nations. But where i reallie wanna go next is oriole bar! i want my latte art! hehe.

Great reviews on the cakes though. 5 cakes btw 2 people.. u guys are amazing! haha. I wish I had someone to stomach that with me. Oops..

Fen said...

Hmm... Coffee Nations, maybe we can drop by on Saturdays or you guys can go ahead on weekdays as Yuan and I will be working in the day...

Saw the reviews @ HGW, seems like the cakes are pretty limited... and apparently they seems to outsource their cakes from Rive??? Hmm... anyway, photos seems to show that it has nice ambience...

Oriole bar sounds good too... Shall we make either of these for our March desserts meet-up?

Hehe, 5 cakes... That is why we can't afford to ditch our gym sessions...

ladyironchef said...

aye evan not fair, how come you live on fen's blog never live at my place? LOL!

yeah sinny i wanna go oriole bar too!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reviews and the awesome photos! may i know what cam do you use? i wanna get a good one at the pc show!

ladyironchef: I LOVE ORIOLE (ok i know this comment is a bit too late)

will be going to b bakery this sun! :)

Fen said...

This batch of pics was taken using my Olympus e330 and Yuan's Canon 450d.

Yuan has subsequently upgraded to Canon 50d.

The exif can be viewed via my flickr. Just click on photos and you will see the information.

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