Friday, February 27, 2009

Tom's Palette

Local ice-cream parlours have been making their appearance to introduce the next wave of ice-cream flavours and Tom's Palette makes no exception, delighting almost everybody who has dropped by their humble ice-cream outlet.

Tom's Palette @ Shaw Leisure Gallery

Opened since October 2005, Tom's Palette introduces ice-cream with a different approach, using basic ingredients such as cream, milk, sugar and eggs without stabilisers and artificial flavouring. The overall effect is smooth (despite having less than 10% sugar content) and overpowering with various flavours.

An array of quirky ice-cream flavours

Don't underestimate what is offered at Tom's Palette. Through suggestions, experimentation and surveys, Chronos and Eunice are proud to present 65 flavours (available for sale) and many more of which, some are beyond imagination such as chilli chocolate, wasabi lime and seaweed. In a way, some of these inspirations come from opinions and feedbacks from various walks of life. Check out the amount of post-it messages on their walls.

Interior of the cafe

In short, don't give Tom's Palette a miss when you have a craving for ice-cream. Moreover, they are at such an affordable price.

Fantastic ice-cream @ affordable prices

Many thanks to Eunice and Chronos for sharing their joy, frustrations and inspirations with us. It was indeed an eye-opener for us when they introduce the various flavours they have tried making it, their expectation of how the flavour should turn out, the difficulties faced for each ingredient used and many more. In addition, Chronos told us about his long term wish about incorporating ice-cream with TCM and we wish him all the best in his R&D. Apart from the flavours, they are innovative when it comes to ice-cream cakes design.

Customized ice-cream cakes

Oh did I miss out of their cheese waffles?

Yea, these whole-meal waffles are going to ditch the misconception of whole-meal = rough texture.

Fen's comments

With a wide selection of ice-cream with varying degree of sweetness, alcohol content and flavours, there is no excuse one will not find the flavour he/she wants. The niche Tom's Palette has is the constant introduction of new flavours and the its customization.

Got to try a few flavours and here are some that leaves a deep impression:-
Chocolate - definitely a must-try, rich and velvetly smooth; sounds boring? Check with Chronos and Eunice what are the surprisingly combination they can customize for you.

"Nameless? alcoholic" (they have not decided a name for this new flavour) is a combination of pear, dates and brandy. Brandy in ice-cream gives a very fragrant after-taste unlike the bitter-aftertaste of rum (rum and raisins) and stout (chocolate stout). Moreover, the use of pear makes it extremely refreshing.

Rosemary & apple - my favourite for its rich apple taste but people who are not used to rosemary will find the spice taste disturbing. The tolerably smooth and naturally sweet ice-cream has appealed to my family pretty well.

Summer berries - a combination of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, amazingly refreshing without being overly sour. However, daddy felt that the use of 4 berries fail to bring out the goodness of individual fruit so he prefers a pure strawberry ice-cream. On the other hand, this was so well-liked by my mother and sister.

Definitely going back for more and my family are keen to try more of their flavours.

Yuan's comments

This is really the place for the adventurous. Fancy eating chocolate ice cream with chili or adding rosemary into ice cream? Further their usage of cinnamon and vanilla beans are quite extreme till it becomes a little spicy. Apart from spice, another ingredient which is commonly used in Tom palette’s ice cream is alcohol. Brandy, Stout and Rum. Even my usual favorite, the rum and raisin tasted too strong for my liking.

Anyway, I strongly recommend this place if you like spice, alcohol or have a gut for extreme tastes. However if you are those conventional sort, do give their chocolate ice cream a shot. It has this rich and creamy bitter sweet taste which will curb your chocolate craving.

Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road
Shaw Tower
Singapore 189702
Tel: 6296 5239

Operating Hours:
12pm - 9.30pm (Mon to Thurs)
12pm - 10.00pm (Fri and Sat)
(Closed on Sun)


evan 이벤젤린 said...

i've never seen the platter of heart shaped ice creams b4, so you tried those instead of the scoop ones? and u actually talked to the owners, wow. i'll never think of doing that in a million years haha. i think to you, going out to eat is not just eating anymore but photography, getting to know the ppl behind and giving us as much info as u possibly can. its a good thing!! your blog is really like a database and soon will be a dessert encyclopedia soon :p

Fen said...

Nope, I tried the hand-scooped ones... Yuan took a medium cup of peanut butter while I had a medium cup of lychee + rose and rosemarry + apple...

This platter of heart-shaped ice-cream is one of their customer's order and Eunice showed us while we were talking about ice-cream cakes... I thought of posting it up to let others know that they are pretty versatile in presenting their ice-cream, be it flavours or design...

Chronos and Eunice are very friendly and I thought the conversation was interesting and engaging... Yea, getting to know ppl behind the scenes does make me appreciate their food better and also makes me feel more comfortable while taking photographs...

Thank you, hopefully this hard work will be useful for most readers out there...

julie said...

i tried the rosemary and apple and i thought it was rather unique too! its quite herby tasting..

yup the couple were very friendly..they got us excited about their chinese new year flavours that they were experimenting with, my favourite being pumpkin with wintermelon!

i don't seem to have affinity with their waffles though...havent tried them yet!

SiHaN said...

you mean you didn't try the salted caramel cheesecake flavor? my gosh. haha. But i do agree that the other flavors should be just as good!

and those heart shaped icecream cakes are so precious. Pretty!

Fen said...

Julie: The other flavours of waffles were sold out so I was lucky enough to try the last cheese waffle. Their style is a combination of American and Belgium and the cheese waffle, being salty by nature is not suitable to eat it with ice-cream.

Sihan: I did try it and its cheesecake base goes pretty well with the salted caramel. All their flavours are so good that I felt that it is not necessary to list down everything I have tried and tasted...

Hejin said...

I went there recently too and my favourite combination is salted caramel cheesecake and apple pie! I like their ice cream and I think it is very affordable, and I especially like that you can mix two flavours in a cup. The texture is less creamy than Udders but it is good to know that Tom Palette's doesn't use any stabilisers. Just to let you know... I was working at Udders for a while and I think I got quite sick of their ice cream already =x

.elaine. said...

Tom's palette has always been one of my fave icecream haunts.. love the cheesecake flavours(: yupp and the owners are really affable.

wholemeal waffles! sounds healthy, gotta go down soon to try them =D

Anonymous said...

looking forward to try this one:)

maniboo said...

oooh not to mention, tom's palette has one of the best ice cream making workshops ever!

i don't know how else to explain it, but here is the brief explanation:

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