Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie ~ Our afterthoughts

If one is a dessert lover, Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie will be definitely on his/her list. Ever since the opening of their 4th branch at Shaw Centre in July 2008, I was tempted to take photos of the "bouquet" of macaron lollipops in their display but have never been able to do so as this branch is always so crowded all the time. This is how successful Canelé is in Singapore.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Named after a famous French pastry, this pâtisserie made its first appearance on September 2004 at Robertson Walk under the arms of the popular Les Amis group of restaurants. The ambience of all four branches are pretty good for couples to have a dessert or 2 but their branches at Shaw Centre and Paragon are very cramp.

Interior I

Although we have not tried the macarons from big names such as Laduree and Pierre Herme, the macarons available at Canelé has been always one of our favourites.


Unlike hotels and other pâtisseries in Singapore, Canelé aims to provide a designer boutique experience in Singapore. In a way or another, this seems to be Louis Vuitton when it comes to desserts.

Interior III

If one takes the time to look through their online catalog or their display of cakes, one will be surprised by a wide selection offered by them. Apart from the popular strawberry shortcake, tiramisu and cheesecakes, Canelé do have a fair share of creations with unique combination such as matcha with chestnut, chocolate with salted caramel, raspberries and jam.

Display  III

Display I

Apart from that, it has one of the widest and richest chocolate creations which will leave dessert lovers to come back for more. Truly indeed, the chocolate content of each creation is so rich and the use of salted caramel, alcohol and hazelnut pralines are so memorable that these are often mentioned in press and blogs.

Display II

To cater to people with varying taste buds, Canelé also offers a good selection of pastries, chocolate bonbons, ice-cream and crepes. Thus, going to Canelé is never the same as the previous since there are so many things to choose from.

Interior II

Frankly speaking, my first two visits to Canelé did not impress me and at that time, I thought it was over-hyped and expensive. However, subsequent encounters with Canelé and a privileged encounter with Les Amis's group communications manager, Mr. Raymond Lim changes my impression.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie (Shaw Centre)
1 Scotts Road
#01-01A, Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel: 6738 9020

Operating hours - 11am to 10pm daily


ladyironchef said...

hmm.. fen is really getting better and better at writing :)

i didn't care abt the crowd, that time i went the shaw branch also very crowded, but i just go ahead and took the photograph of the bonquet of macaron lollipop. must be thick skin and imagine nobody around :D

evan 이벤젤린 said...

u took really nice pics of the surroundings! and they DO hv alot of cakes on display leh. everytime i go paragon or raffles city, they only left like 2-3 slices of the same type.

ladyironchef said...

hahaha cos their turnover very high! so can afford to have many cakes out on display. u see obolo one only can put a few out, quite sad.

Fen said...

LIC: Thank you for the compliment... Nowadays it is the writing that is giving me a headache... I have no idea what to write...

Evan: Thank you, was lucky to have time to compo and look at the surroundings at a finer detail... I notice there were a lot of cakes but not sure is it because it is the start of the day... No doubt, it was a feast for our cameras...

LIC: Obolo adopts a different approach, their cakes are actually kept in the kitchen...

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