Friday, February 13, 2009

CentrePs ~ an introduction

Centre Ps, a pâtisserie which started their operations since 2007 is indeed a hidden find. Founded by Chef Steven Ong and Mr. Tan Kim Boon, this pink shop holds lots of desserts which have various combination of flavours beyond one's imagination.

CentrePs' interior

I have visited CentrePs a couple of times and often, I will engage in interesting conversations with Kim Boon about the various creations CentrePs has made and the satisfaction gained when customers give their compliments. This pâtisserie specializes in cupcakes, customized cakes and even supply desserts for hotels and events, thus adopts a very different approach when compared to Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie (somehow or rather, reviewers like to compare the 2).

Display I

We have the privilege to talk to the pastry chef who was an apprentice of Chef Steven Ong and got to understand more on what CentrePs gets to offer. If one has browsed through their online menu, you will find it hard to make a choice due to the unique combinations of ingredients used in each petits gateaux. With so many established pâtisseries in Singapore, CentrePs chose the adventurous route to produce something which is not readily available, thus common cakes such as blackforest, tiramisu and strawberry shortcake are not seen in here.

Display II

Also, not all the items published on their website is available everyday as CentrePs prides iteself for freshness and that the cakes are not left in the fridge for long to prevent the loss of moisture.


Two bestsellers of CentrePs is none other their macarons and the Grand Cru Royale. What makes CentrePs' macarons good is the chewy shells with a thin layer of sugary crispness. On top of that, the smooth and strongly flavoured buttercream provides a contrasting texture. However, they do not sell the macarons individually but in box of fives ($10) and tens ($18).

Grand Cru Royale

For my review on Grand Cru Royale, click here.
However, something interesting which I have learnt from Kim Boon, the highest price a person has ever paid for a 1kg Grand Cru Royale was $1750 for a charity event!!!

Centre Ps Pte Ltd
78 Guan Chuan Street
Singapore 160078
Tel: 6220 1285

Operating hours:
10am to 8pm (Mondays to Thursdays)
10am to 9pm (Fridays and Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays


evan 이벤젤린 said...

happy valentine's day to u & yuan! i love the 2nd macaron pic, its so colorful!

Vicki said...

Yeah I second Evan's comment! :) I have yet to try Centre P's.. I tried a purple macaron from Bakerzin ytd (not sure what flavour.. tasted like yam to me and it sure wasn't good) Haha.

Fen said...

Thank you for the compliments...

I thought BakerZin macarons lack the chewy shells and are just plain sweet to my liking...

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