Wednesday, February 25, 2009

International buffet at Traders Hotel, Singapore

Recommended by my colleague, we have decided to drop by Cafe Biz @ Traders Hotel to enjoy a spread of international good food. Located behind Tanglin Mall, I was indeed surprised by the buffet this hotel offers.

Along Tanglin Road

Cafe Biz is just located near the main lobby of the hotel so one won't missed it. The open concept and high ceiling adopted by the restaurant provides the space and ambience for people to dine, be it couple, family or friends.

Cafe Biz @ Traders

The spread at the buffet bar was indeed impressive and our stomachs were rumbling while taking the pictures. The oysters offered by the hotel is no doubt huge but not as sweet as the ones I had at Oscars @ Conrad Hotel. In fact, the latter served 3 types of oysters with them shuckled on the spot.

Fresh Oysters

For seafood lovers, one would not want to miss out this part of the buffet and we can tell that the baby lobsters were pretty popular among the Saturday crowd. Don't worry, the staff replenished the food fast.

Fresh seafood

The selection of sushi is pretty decent but sashimi lovers will be disappointed as Cafe Biz only have salmon sashimi. As for the sushi, the rice is not dry while the sashimi is soft and springy.


The appetitizers offered at Cafe Biz is pretty decent with selection ranging from fresh assorted vegetables, salads, assorted cheese, gado gado, etc.

Turkey Ham Salad

Assorted fresh vegetables

Freshly baked bread with garlic butter dressing and the option to toast the bread is available at the buffet too

Bread with garlic butter

The selection of savoury is worth mentioning as it has a good mix of western, chinese and italian dishes. Apart from the ones shown on the picture, the following were also available at the buffet,
- Whole baked salmon and pizzas
- Grilled king prawns and beef satays, freshly bbq-ed to diners' delight
- Wanton soup with thin, silky skin and spicy beef noodles, prepared upon customers' request
- Naans with fish and chicken tikka to add alittle spice
- Friendly knife-welding passadors moving around the tables, carving the succulent lamb, beef, grilled pineapple, midjoints and sausages from large skewers onto your plates.

As shown in the photo, starting from the left: Seafood fried rice, Hong Kong Kai Lan, Braised Pork Belly, Work fried seafood with sweet peas and carrot, Chilli crabs

Savoury II

A closer look at their dishes...
Left: Seared striploin on potato with shallot brasing jus
Right: Baked Oyster with thai sweet chilli mayo
Bottom: Lamb shanks

Savoury I

Lamb Shank

Apart from that, dim sum lovers would not want to miss out their Crystal Prawn Dumpling ("Har Kow")...


As usual, the focus of the blog is always the desserts and desserts lovers will be happy to know that the array of desserts are served cold as they are sitting on top of a chilled platform.


Some desserts that are worth mentioning were the matcha pudding, the durian pengat and the refreshing white fungus with red dates. Surprisingly, Yuan like the Carrot Orange with Yoghurt Cake which comes with a layer of hazelnut praline and a strong scent of cinnamon.

Left: Carrot orange with yoghurt cake

Tiramisu disappointed alittle as it was non-alcoholic but nevertheless, the soft finger sponge and the light mascarpone cheese is worth a try.


The Passion cheese cake was something different as the sourish tint came from the middle slice of passionfruit jelly. The overall combination was slightly sweet with a hint of sourishness. Just right for everybody's liking and did I mention that the raspberry macaron shells were good. Yea, it is a pity that Traders Hotel do not have a bakery shop but according to the F&B manager, they are looking for one.

Passion cheese cake

Finally, in all buffets, the chocolate fondue is one that everybody won't miss. To our delight, the chocolate was rich enough and not overly sweet and it was no surprise I was slurping their chocolate till I was so bloated for the evening.

Chocolate fondue

All in all, the selection of food available at this buffet impressed us for the evening and no doubt, it is worth to mention to buffet lovers, particularly people who likes prawns and savoury food. All the dishes were served warm under hot plates and the service provided by Cafe Biz was good.

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to the F&B manager of Traders Hotel, Ms Tan and the assistant Cafe Biz manager, Mr. Yap for them to accommodate us with our phototaking request.

For those who are curious about their existing promotions, here are the information:-
50% discount on buffet lunch (Mon to Fri only)
30% discount on buffet dinner (Mon to Fri only)
Valid till 28 Feb 09

UOB 2 for 1 promotion & “Value Buffet campaign” for April to June 09
1 adult dines free for every 2 paying adults
Buffet Dinner (Mon to Thurs)
Buffet Lunch & Brunch (Mon to Sun)
Valid for Feb to June 09.

Buffet dinner on Saturday costs $50++ with only one discount per bill, per reservation.

Traders Hotel, Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249716
Tel: 6831 4374
Website of Cafe Biz


evan 이벤젤린 said...

i love to see buffet photos!!! always like to see what different places hv to offer. $50++ for a weekend dinner is still reasonable :D but there are too many other buffets i wanna try eg. the greenhouse's champagne brunch haha.

FoodieGymmie said...

omggg.. lamb shanks for buffet!!! ure making craving for buffets agn.. lol

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, for your daily updates and drool worthy photos. How much is the lunch buffet?

ice said...

You forgot to tag this post under 咸咸的...

Nice fen. Must add more salt in your blog, you have fans who invest in salt too.

Fen said...

Evan: Haha, but it is the hardest to take buffet photos as these places are always so crowded... Walking around with a camera instead of a plate can be pretty awkward... This is definitely worth its price tag, the spread is huge and good... I am curious about Greenhouse too but will give the champagne a miss...

FoodieGymmie: Tat is the whole idea of food blogs >.<
Glad you find it tempting...

Anonymous: Thank you for the compliment, that is indeed encouraging...

Mon - Fri buffet lunch - $35.00++
Sat buffet brunch - $35.00++
Sun Gourmet Brunch - $45.00++
Mon - Wed buffet dinner - $45.00++
Thurs - Sun buffet dinner - $50.00++

Ice: I realize I do have a tag for buffet, just that it is not in the dropdown window... Was debating whether to include the 咸咸的 tag for the buffet entries...

Haha, I doubt I will do good entries for savoury food since my only comments will be nice, yummy and will eat again... I don't cook so my knowledge is not very wide. Will include some salt in the blog, but not so frequent...

ladyironchef said...

haha it's always tiring taking photos of buffet. So many things to take!! lol

jus curious, did you inform them (like you always did) before you went, or you asked for their permission after reaching there? haha. sat buffet brunch do seem quite reasonable at 35++.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

actually i like to arrive early to take photos of buffets coz thats when the food displays are still "complete and nice" instead of when the crowd starts coming in & mess up the whole place hehe.

yea i know you'll go for greenhouse's dinner buffets whereas i'm more keen at the champagne brunch :p seems like alot of places are serving champagne brunches now - four seasons, conrad, les seveurs @ st. regis, il lido italian dining @ sentosa. i'm tempted to go to the one at st. regis.

sigh, so many places, so little time (and money) haha.

th said...

hi =)
what time do saturday brunch buffet starts and end?
are you sure its only $35++? its like so cheap! (:

Fen said...

The brunch on Sunday starts from 1200noon to 1600hrs, so I presume it would be the same for Saturday...

Yea, it is $35++ for Saturday and $45++ for Sunday. There is a UOB credit card promotion for brunch, 2 for 1.

The Sunday brunch can be seen here, Saturday brunch will have a smaller selection, caviar, oysters and some others will not be available on Saturday...

th said...

hey thanks! (: btw, since they won't be serving oyster and caviar, what will they be serving on saturday then? it seems to be quite a disappointment if there's no oyster and caviar on saturday brunch. =S

Fen said...

I just called up Cafe Biz and apparently beef cravings, oysters and caviar will not be available for Sat brunch, are only served on Weekend dinner and Sunday Gourmet brunch.

However, they do have Hainanese Chicken Rice, Phat Thai at their hot section; regular hot dishes; prawns, mussels, etc on ice. I would say the spread is similar to what you see on this post but there won't be any lobsters and oysters.

th said...

Many many thanks!!! :D

syaaa said...

to those who wants to know, i went for dinner buffet on sunday & paid $137+ for 2 ppl inclusive of service charge & gst.. service was quite good but they replenish the food item rather slow. but i must say the food was very yummy

Hazel said...

Oh I have another new option to choose affordable buffet in hotels. After trying Rose Veranda & 10 @claymore, Cafebiz will be my next target. Haha! :)

Anonymous said...

i has been try this buffet before with my friends and my not bad..exspecially the deserts..i like it sooo much..will be there again :)

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