Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dubai International Airport: Paul Patisserie

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past 6 weeks. Good news to share, Yuan and I are married and are back from our honeymoon so the upcoming posts will be focusing on our food spree during our 24 days spent in Europe. Do bear with me for adding a personal touch to these posts as this is more than just a food trip to Yuan and I. In addition, the subsequent posts are mainly to serve as a diary of where we have been and what we had so we shan't go into details on how good nor bad, considering food is a preferential thing.

Paul @ Dubai International Airport

Took Emirates to Heathrow Airport, London and one can expect a transit at Dubai International Airport. If you have more than 2 hours to spare and a sweet tooth, one can consider a short tea break at Paul Patisserie. If the time is too tight, consider a take-away which we did.

Paul @ Dubai

Naturally being dessert lovers and having heard that Europe to have many fantastic patisseries, one can visualize us combing the Dubai International Airport for a slice, or maybe 2 desserts and my vague impression from Harris' blog tells me there is one lurking around.


Had the Strawberry Charlotte (AED 17, about SGD$5.70) and the Chocolate Tart (AED 15, about SGD$5.00). Frankly speaking, we can't remember the exact taste of this but in general, Strawberry Charlotte is a refreshing contrast from the Chocolate Tart for its Chantilly Cream and Vanilla Sponge while the Chocolate Tart is similar to eating a smooth chocolate bar that gently melts in your mouth.

Paul Patisserie
Dubai International Airport Terminal 3
Tel: +971 4 2203 360
Opens 24 hours


ice said...

Desserts never escape fen and yuan. (: The chocolate tart is calling out loud to me, but it's unreachable. =/

Fen said...

Lol... Maybe it is an excuse for you to take a holiday. Paul Patisserie has quite a couple of branches in Europe, I recall seeing a few in London but the selection is not as extensive as this one. But nothing beats the cakes from Pierre Herme...

Have you managed to get yourself some chocolate desserts, considering you were carving for chocolate cake too.

Kiosk Manufacturer said...

Dubai Airport is absolutely excellent, one will be amazed to see the facilities and the services being provided over there. There are lot of shopping malls and kiosks inside which will make you enjoy a lot.

Anonymous said...

yeap! i agreed that i didn't find any other pastry except paul. since 5 years i am eating paul's pastry and cake and everyday i feel like wow its amazing..........

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